The Monster

February 4, 2009
The Monster
By: Meghan Rodriguez

Beep, beep, beep!

Ugh, what is that horrible noise? Who's trying to wake me, and disturb my peaceful dream? The noise isn't going away!

I opened my eyes slowly. I let my hand wander over to the alarm clock, and I switched it off.

I lay there in my dark and big room, safe in my bed under the heavy covers.

Oh no, I thought. It's time!

Before I could stop myself, the transformation had already begun.

I shivered, and I felt the scales replace my skin. I also felt the all too familiar teeth come to jagged points. They were now fangs. My fingernails almost instantly turned into long, gnarly claws. My ears started to get pointy, and the taste of something burnt lay in my mouth.

I rolled out of bed and walked over to my mirror. As I looked into the mirror, I saw the same face that had been there every morning. I saw the messy brown hair, shooting out at every angle. The big yellow eyes that looked like they belonged to a cat. I could also see the tiredness in my eyes. It was kind of hard to hide.

Every morning when the alarm clock would go off, I would transform into some kind of horrible monster. I would practically bite your head off if you tried to talk to me. Even if all you said was that I had to get up out of bed, I would breathe fire, and a blast of it would come flying at you. Don't try to tell me anything important in the morning. I would just forget.

So, don't try and bother talking to me in the morning, unless you wouldn't mind getting burnt to a crisp. As you can see, instead of turning into a monster at night, I turn into a monster in the morning!

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CDb-ball25 said...
Mar. 4, 2009 at 1:43 am
Hey great story! I hope to read more! Keep writing and I promise I won't wake you up ever! lol TTYL
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