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February 2, 2009
By forgetmenots BRONZE, Saginaw, Texas
forgetmenots BRONZE, Saginaw, Texas
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Chapter 1
I, the school's female geek, in a simple tank top and shorts, was in line at a bakery, waiting for the slow man to finish paying his food, when the unthinkable happened; At exactly 3:45pm, September 18, 2010, an A Crowd girl had walked right by, stopped quite suddenly, backed up, and looked right at ME. Not just one of the crowd- the glamorous leader, Jasmine. The trendsetter leader had looked at ME. Jasmine pushed up her designer sunglasses, opened her mouth, and came out the words that would change my life forever, 'Hey.. isn't that you, Kylie? You look great today!'
'Uhh.. Thank you, I guess. You look good too.' I squeaked out. I was having a good day because I found this amazing zit cream, and I could bear the contacts in my eyes, and I decided to straighten my hair. Did those little things really get me noticed? Wow, I guess it doesn't take much.
'Do you want to hang out today? Or tonight? I'm having a party for my 16th birthday, and I would love it if you could come.' Jasmine said those words directly to me, but I took a look around to make sure she wasn't talking to someone else. I completed my look-around and came face-to-face with Jasmine.
'Uhh.. sure. I mean, I think I can. I have to ask my mom first. Is that okay with you?' I'm so wary of her but I don't know why.
'Yeah sure! Know where my house is?'
'No I've never been to your house.'
'Oh okay here's the directions. Do you drive?' She is drifting toward the front door.
'Yea I'm 17 going on 18 next May. I've had my license since my 16th birthday.' I say while I'm paying for my Italian bread.
'Oh okay cool. That totally rocks. Okay see you later at about 6 if your mom is okay with you coming over early so maybe you could help with the decoration.'
'Okay cool. See you.'
Jasmine turned toward the door, and left. I went home in a dreamlike state. I couldn't believe that Jasmine had talked to me. Is this a dream? If so, then I don't want to wake up.

Chapter 2
'Really??' my mom squealed when she discovered that I was going to my first party in my entire life. She basically went crazy as if she just found out Ben and Jerry had invented peanut butter cup brownie ice cream. I hid all the sweet and sugary stuff. Mom was like, 'What are you wearing? What are you going to do there? Do you have a date? Want me to pick you up?' It was annoying as heck and I couldn't wait to get out, away from Mom's prying questions.
In my car, I couldn't help but worry over what would happen if I did go to this party tonight. Would I be humiliated? Would I be taunted endlessly? Would the people recognize me? Would they accept or reject me? I was thinking so hard that I didn't see the total hottie walk up to my window, so when he tapped on the door's window, I jumped so violently that I hit the roof of my car. I rolled down my window, heart still beating my insides up, and just stared at him. The guy I'm talking about is the universe's hottest guy that happened to be raised right. He was raised to be a total gentleman, and I'm supremely glad of this, for I had a secret crush on him for 7 years ever since I was 10 and he was 12, and I saw him strolling out of his house opposite me as if he hadn't a care in the world. Since then, I've secretly admired him from afar.
But tonight, he's at my window, and I don't know what to say. My mind as blank as a sleeping computer. Finally, he was the first to talk.
'Hey. My name's Kenny. You're Kylie, right? (A timid nod on my part) Well, I just wanted to say hey. So.. hey.'
'Hey. (Squeak) Yes I'm Kylie, and um don't we go to school together?'
'Hm. Yeah we do go to school. (Scratches head) Oh are you going to Jasmine's party tonight?' Kenny's face lit up as if it was aflame. OMG he was blushing!
'Yeah. I'm going although I've only been invited today. This is actually my first party. (My turn to blush.)'
'Oh? Can I bum a ride from you?'
'Sure. Why not?' I had to. I worship him. Little did I know how much he would be 'bumming' a ride from me.
I drove us to the party, and he talked so much that I gathered information such as his age, birthday, parents, and family. I contributed my half of the conversion by talking just as much.

Chapter 3
Somehow, we entered the party holding hands. I barely knew Kenny, but at the same time, I totally worshipped him.
I met new potential friends, and one potential BFFL, and a few crushes but they aren't as worthy of the title crush as Kenny is.
We had so much fun that I forgot that my curfew is at midnight. I glance at my cell phone and made a cross between a yelp and a gasp. I'm 2 hours late! It's 2:30 in the morning! How did I let the time get away from me? All I could think of was how mad Mom would be when I get home! I look for Kenny, but somehow I find him standing by my side as if he belongs there.
'Come on! I have to get home NOW! Move it please!' I said those words but I found myself being pulled by Kenny instead of me pushing him. He waved to some of the people that I made buddies with and they waved back, one of the football guys winking at me in a totally creepy way. As if by magic, I find myself driving and speeding. I have never speed before. It was a frightening but exhilaring experience and one I don't wish to repeat. I got out, so did Kenny. He walked me to my door, and he leaned in and whispered,
'I sure hope you don't get in trouble, because I want to go out on a date with you tomorrow. Is that okay?'
'Yes, sure. I mean, I don't have anywhere to go tomorrow except for the store for more ice cream and stuff. Because I'm a geek and I'm not a social person because I don't get out very often. I'll stop blabbing now.' I managed to keep my nervous mouth shut. Then my mouth was surprised by a kiss. The kiss was long, and very, very fireworks-worthy. I reluctantly pulled away, looked at Kenny, and opened my big mouth.
'Uh' what did you kiss me for? You don't know me that well. And you just met me tonight.'
'Um' That was kind of my way of asking you out. You see, I've had a crush on you for 5 years now. Creepy, huh? I'm sorry if I'm weirding you out, but it's true.'
'Even when I was a total geek?'
'Yes.' He turned away to hide his flaming face of shame, and like a idiot, I just stood there, trying to feed the information to my deranged brain. We stood there so long that Kenny must had misinterpreted the silence because he said,
'I knew it' turned, and walked down toward the gate.
I couldn't let him know my secret. He stopped as if he had read my mind, looked at me rather sadly, and continued on his way to his house opposite me, and didn't look back again. I sighed quietly. I hate this part.


The author's comments:
This is a weird piece but it came from me thinking of the school's clique and i thought it would be so funny to screw up the cliques

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