the year 2500

February 5, 2009
By logan455 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
logan455 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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The man who said what does not kill us makes us stronger was wrong. It is the year 2500 and the third world war engulfed the world destroying almost everything leaving total cities in rune. After the passing of the third world war the world is in chaos the war destroyed many technologies and they were lost and will be forgotten forever. So now the world is in turmoil people are fighting over what little is left in the world. There is no longer peace there is no mercy there is no love there is only war.

The arrow hit its target with a thud making its victim scream in terror the victim swung his axe wildly mowing down his fellow guard. He had done just what his shooter had wanted him to do, his shooter shot not to kill but to make his opponent swing wildly in a blur of pain and confusion killing his fellow during which he himself bled out to his death. Seeing that he was successful Logan drew another arrow expecting to see more guards come to investigate the screams of the two. He waited at his vantage point on top of a ruined building. This was just as he wanted them to do, for the more he could shoot before he got in close the better.

It was raining at a good pace which gave Logan the advantage of cover, it was hard to see threw the rushing water but to his trained eye he had little difficulty. Logan was wearing a black and grey camouflage cloak that was made to blend in with the surroundings. A third gaurd had walked in to Logan's view a decision he would soon regret. He knocked his bow and shoot this time shooting to kill he shot him in the neck. After waiting roughly thirty minutes and killing two more gaurd Logan scaled down the wall using wholes cracks and other thing he could use as footholds. He climbed down the wall with grace and ease well accustomed to the maneuver. The building he was raiding was the biggest and most intact of the area it stood above all the others, being almost eight hundred feet.

The building was grey like most of the surrounding ones over time all of the paint gad washed away. The streets a mixture of concrete and soil, there was little vegetation to be found. Logan examined the bodies of the men he had shot he took the arrows from the four corps for wood was scarce these days, he took the axe and the three swords of the guards he would not use these but he could melt them down and make them into better weapons. He threw them down the alley so that he could get them latter. He entered the building stealth was not an option although he was a master of the skill he would not be able to conceal himself whale dripping wet. He decided to take a more direct approach, he took a right turn where more guards were posted but before they were able to alert others and cry out Logan tock out two small knifes from there scabbards and threw them at his opponent's necks instantly killing them.

Inside the stronghold it was just as gloomy as the outside there were flickering lights that illuminated the stronghold powered by the wind mills in the back of the building. Logan decided that he would not be able to take all of the guards and that he must resort to stealth. His clothing were now dry. The dead bodies and threw one out any open wall and thrust his weapon into the back of his fellow to look as if the man Logan had thrown from the building had been pushed by the other man who looked like he had been stabbed by the man who went out the wall once he was finished he continued threw the stronghold dodging past guards it wasn't difficult these soldiers were not trained they were merely men at arms hired by lords to protect their land and property paid in tax cuts clothing and food.

. . . . . . . .

Logan had finally made it to the top floor of the stronghold and by far the most heavily armed, armed with real sodjers not just men at arms there would be no stealth hear. Logan knew that the battle would get close and bloody he took he weapons out of there stealth's and strapped his bow to his back. His main weapon was a bastard sword made to be able to be used as a one handed or a two handed sword and his other was an extremely durable dagger used not to inflict damage but to block the attacks of his opponents. He went into the next room there were four guards, guards they drew their swords Logan had his hood up to hide where or who he had his eyes on 'I will give you one chance, surrender or face the wrath of my blade as many other of your kind have' one came forward the biggest strongest and most bold of them he was obviously unimpressed by Logan's small stator.

'What do you mean by our kind' he asked in a way challenging Logan

'the greedy bastard kind' Logan replied coolly the big man angered by the comment lunged a forward thrust at Logan, Logan jumped high above the ground dogging the blade on the man looked up and coming down Logan stabbed the man threw the upper chest upon his fall back to the ground. Logan snickered 'whose next' he challenged and the other three hesitated but eventually charged him he had lost his sword for the moment it was logged into the big man's chest good and would take time to get out time Logan didn't have. One threw a blow at him Logan easily parried it with his dagger then Logan grabbed his opponents hand twisting it until it broke and he let go of the sword Logan sized it and parried the next blow which was thrown in succession to the other one and stabbed him when he had sized his chance and killed the man quickly his blood spurt onto the floor he was a coward attacking when his enemy was down and for that Logan made his death painful and he finished off the other one as he lay defenseless he would have given him a sword and a chance to fight back but Logan's mission was to important to risk for honor so he made his death fast with a straight cut through his neck.

'What are you waiting for?' asked Logan

'I am no fan of lord Gureth and I will give you no trouble' he replied the man threw Logan his sword and dislodged the one from the big man's body and gave it back to Logan

'You will need these' the man threw Logan a pair of keys

'Leave the stronghold and your life will be spared'

'Thank you, and do your worst' Logan laughed at this statement

'I intend to' and with that the man left. Logan unlocked the heavy door which led into a room that was lavishly furnished with the finniest looking furniture Logan had seen in a long time 'this is where are the peoples tax money has gone' he said to himself in hear there were no flickering lights but a fire place oh how wonderful the smell and the warmth in the lushes chairs surrounding the fire two drunken guards sat sleeping. Bottles of alcohol wine and other fine drinks now rare to the world Logan took his smaller knifes and slit there thoughts at the same time so that the screams of one would not wake the other. When he was done Logan took some of the fine drinks not for now but for latter he drank the water in his leather canteen and when it was finished he pored some of the drinks into it and reattached it to his belt. He then continued threw to the other room this one had a bed in it a bed with a man lying on his belly Logan returned to his scabbard the sword and his knife and got out his bow knocked it with an arrow and shoot it at the man leg. Instantly the man gowned in pain

'Hello my lord' Logan said mockingly when the man did not respond Logan shoot another arrow at the man's leg this time he spoke

'Have you no mercy?'

'I do.' When the man looked up at him

'Do you want money?'

'You didn't let me finish, I said I had mercy but I never said I had any for you, what I want is justice' Logan grabbed the rope from his belt and tied it to the leg of the bed closest to the window and tied the other into a nose. He then placed the nose around the lord's head.

'No please don't!' Gureth pleaded but Logan took no notice to his words and tightened the nose. Logan kicked out the window sending shards of glass flying and he shoved the man out the window suspended by the nose he choked.

'don't die just yet' Logan said to him he left the room and went to the adjacent room, he took a piece of wood from the stack used to fuel the fire he sent the end of it on fire and went back into Gureth's room he went back to the window and said

'Burn in hell Gureth' and sent him on fire. Rather than putting out the fire the rain just fueled the fire like fuel from the heavens, Gureth was screaming but he would soon be dead Logan went out and sat in one of the blood stained chairs and drank his sprits for his canteen. His mission was complete he assassinated Gureth and lit a signal to show his fellows that he had done so that they could now invade, or in other words he had cut out the heart and now his kinsmen would finish off the body.

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