Fall to Rise Again

January 21, 2009
By Anonymous

“Why is it so dark in here? You would think that they would that they would have some kind of lighting fixtures in this place.” I can see a light at the end of the hallway. It’s a door that’s only slightly opened. I shiver, it’s cold. The walls are a hard stone, like a prison… Should I keep walking or turn back? I look over my shoulder, nothing, you can’t see anything the way we came. You can only hear the footsteps of three other people excluding me. “Please keep moving Lucy,” I heard Andy say. Hearing that, I keep walking towards the light.
At the end of the hallway is a room. There’s nothing in it, but a sofa, a coffee table with a few magazines, and an odd picture. Seriously, it’s an odd picture. It’s a smiling clown holding a flower. Since when is there a picture like this at a rock concert? “I hate clowns,” I muttered. “You really need to redecorate this room.” I heard Andy say to the escort,” There’s like nothing in it, but a freaky clown painting, a cheap sofa, and a coffee table with a few magazines. Does every band have to deal with this monotone room, or are we getting the special treatment? Look even the walls are a gray. I’m already feeling unmotivated, and I’ve only been in here for a minute and thirty seconds.
“Shut up,” I said

That was my brother Andy screaming at the escort, he’s the only guy I know that can rant about anything and everything.
“Look even the carpets are pale blue. I wonder how many bands were tortured waiting in here.”
“Shut up!” I said, but with a little more force.
“What if I don’t want to Lucy? Sit down and read a stupid magazine.”
“Jerk,” I said under my breath.
“I heard that.”
“Don’t care.”
“Would you two just please stop it?!”

That was my older brother Will; he acts as the leader of our group.
“Lucy, sit down and Andy, leave the poor guy alone. He wasn’t the one who decorated this place so your wrath shouldn’t fall on him.”

I did as I was told and Andy the same.

Will is the oldest of our group, so he knows how to deal with us. Andy and I are twins. He is three minutes older than me, making me the youngest sibling. He may be older than me, but at least I don’t rant about unnecessary things like waiting rooms. Ever since I was six, I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to express myself with the most important people in my life; my brothers Will and Andy. Will plays the bass guitar, Andy plays the drums, and I sing and play the lead guitar. We all write the lyrics. We also somehow managed to graduate high school and college with high scoring grades, and are now full time musicians. Our band is called Fall to Rise Again, and our first major performance was at our university. Since then we have been touring for two whole years.

After sitting for twenty minutes, without saying or doing anything, I asked Andy how much time we had left. He said about ten minutes. I let out a groan and started reading a home style magazine. After a few pages, I thought about how nice it would be to redecorate this room. It would have a new carpet, a different color of paint for the walls, maybe some new furniture, and definitely a TV. I might just take this idea up with the owner of this place. As you can see of going crazy because of the silence and the boredom, but when that escort comes back and announces that the show is starting, I’m going to get butterflies in my stomach. We’ve been to hundreds of concerts with over a thousand people or more, but it’s still nerve racking to me. I still love going on stage, and that adrenaline rush afterwards makes me want to go back and sing again until my heart or lungs give out.
“It’s time.”

We each took a deep breath, got up and started walking down the same hallway the escort took. It was a different hallway, the way to the stage. It actually has light. I could hear screaming, a lot of screaming. The further we went, the louder it was. The light at the opening is bright and I gripped my guitar tightly. Something brought me to remember the naming of our band, Fall to Rise Again. When we first formed our band, we weren’t that popular. During our first performance, around 450 people came to see us. That included our family, who were extremely supportive, and our friends and their families. We were excellent, but it would’ve been better if more people came. After that, we were only able to be at a few shows. But during our senior year in high school, we were able to convince our principal to host a school talent show. We told Will, who was in college, the news. After we played a song of our choice, we were greeted backstage by a talent scout. This wasn’t just any talent scout; she was responsible for many bands’ rise to fame. Our lives were just then beginning.

As we entered the stage, we were being bombarded by nearly two- thousand or more screaming and adoring fans came to see us. Looking out into the crowd, I wasn’t nervous anymore , I was thankful to everyone, to every fan, our parents, our dear friends, and even our old high school principal because she was the one who invited that talent scout who helped us begin are careers.

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