The Adventures of Nathaniel Flint and the Barbary Crusaders

January 20, 2009
By Nathaniel Kern, Highland Park, NJ

The Adventures of Nathaniel Flint
And the Barbary Crusaders

After the fearsome battle with Captain Dead at the Black Fortress, Flint returned to his home on the Isle of Hispaniola. Little did he know, an evil was stirring South of the Barbary Coast. For a great Pirate Lord, Jonathan Doldrum, was hunting down and killing other notorious pirates to be the ultimate pirate in the world. He had heard of Flint’s deeds from a mysterious old man, who proclaimed, “If you want to be the best, sail to the Caribbean and defeat the best pirate captain, Nathaniel Flint.” Hearing this, the pirate captain, Jonathan Doldrum, sailed with a small army of Barbary Crusaders, a vicious bloodthirsty group of villains, to the Caribbean. After Jonathan Doldrum set sail, the mysterious old man whispered to himself, “Soon Flint, we will meet again.”

Chapter 1: Sailing Home

Nathaniel Flint was sad that his adventure to the Black Fortress was over. He sat on the railing of his ship and thought about past adventures, not knowing he would be having another journey soon. He will be returning to his home shortly to see his mother, Elizabeth, who he seriously misses. With tired eyes, Flint fell asleep in his cabin. He dreamt of the Black Fortress, Captain Dead, and other matters to come. The old man appeared in his dream. Flint did not recognize who he was. With a ghostly maleficent voice, the old man said “Soon Flint Soon ha ha ha!” Lifting a pistol, with a loud bang the old man shot Flint. Flint awoke in a startle. “A dream, it’s only a dream, that’s a relief” Flint said quietly to himself. “Captain… Sir” the first mate said. “Yes” Flint answered. “We’re almost to Hispaniola,” the first mate declared. “Ok,” Flint replied.

Chapter 2: Home Again

The next morning Flint was already awake, standing at the rail as the ship docked. He was staring at his home, the Island of Hispaniola. Flint was wearing a light puffy shirt and brown loose pants. He was up all night because he missed his Mother. “Captain,” the first mate said. “Are you all right?” the first mate asked, surprised to see him standing there. “Yes” Flint replied. “AAhhhhhhh…” the crew yawned, “Well good morning crew,” the captain proclaimed. Flint was happy to be home again. That afternoon Flint, the First Mate, the Gunner and the adventurer set off to Flint’s home. When they arrived, Flint motioned to the crew to stay outside. Nathaniel Flint proceeded inside the small house, lit by the sun. He could hear birds singing through an open window. Otherwise it was quiet. In the corner of the room, there was a rocking chair. In it sat a familiar face. It was Flint’s Mother. He ran up to her and hugged her lovingly, not having seen her for 3 years. “Nathaniel” She said softly. “Yes Mom,” Flint replied. “I missed you,” Elizabeth said, being glad to see him again.

Chapter 3: A New Enemy

For a long time, Flint stayed with his Mother in her humble abode. The peaceful island was quiet and pretty, the tree’s leaves were changing colors. The gunner, Mr. Stuart, hiked back across the island to the docked ship, The Golden Skull. The first mate, Lewis, stayed in Flint’s old shed, which Flint built by himself. The adventurer, Bartholomew Gun, bought some lodgings at the local tavern. Over all it was very calm in comparison to the dangerous life of a notorious pirate. Until July 2, 1745, when Flint’s Mother asked him to go to the local market to get supplies. “Ok, Mom,” Flint replied. He thought it was just another trip to the market. That afternoon Flint arrived at the market place. Flint’s Mom gave him a list written on an old leather parchment. “Goat meat, cow brain, fish, and wood” Flint read to himself. Therefore, Flint asked the man for 1 ounce of goat meat, one sliced cow brain, one barrel of fish, and some timber. All of a sudden, a sound was heard, ‘Bang’, and the man next to Flint, was dead. Flint noticed the man, standing on a big stone rock, that shot the Flint lock Pistol, a deadly weapon. Flint picked up a stone, that he found in the gravel, and threw it hard at the man. The man fell off the bolder he was standing on.

Chapter 4: A Deadly Chase.

Flint proceeded after him. The man was heading for the loading dock one mile away. Flint cut through the crowd with difficulty. When Flint cleared the crowded town, it was a dash through the forest. The man had a doublet Flintlock pistol. He still had one shot left. Then bang, he shot the pistol; obviously, he was not an expert shooter because he did not hit the target. As it brushed Flint’s arm, ignoring the pain, Flint kept running. The man rapidly drew a rapier sword from his sheath and charged toward Flint swiftly. In the little time Flint had, he thought, “pick up a branch.” Captain Flint dove for the long, thick branch that was on the ground under an old Pine tree and grabbed it. The man swung down vertically at Flint’s head. Flint blocked the blow with his stick. Flint with all his might swung horizontally and knocked the man’s sword from his hand. The sword flew toward the tree and became lodged in the bark. The man dashed for the loading dock. He was a faster runner than Flint. Flint forgot about the dagger on his belt. He never keeps a sword with him on land. Flint threw the dagger at the man and struck him on the leg. Injured and bleeding, the man fell to the ground in pain. Flint jumped on top of the man immobilizing him with his knee and asked, “What’s your name?” “Morgan Avery”, the man replied. Flint then asked him “Who do you work for?” The man grumbled “Jonathan Doldrum”, and then Morgan kicked Flint off of himself and staggered for the loading dock.

Chapter 5: Jonathan Doldrum?

That night, Flint told his mother what had happened. She said in a quiet voice “These things happen, but what can we do?” Flint replied, “I will find this menace in the morning”. “Good night Mother,” Nathaniel Flint said. Then her son went to bed in his room to sleep. As Flint fell asleep, another matter revealed itself menacingly. In Jonathan Doldrum’s ship, The Persistence, Morgan Avery returned to his master. “Captain Doldrum?” Morgan asked. Jonathan Doldrum announced, “You’ve failed me for the last time Morgan!” Morgan replied nervously, “I am sorry sir It… It…It won’t happen again.” Jonathan Doldrum yelled, “Silence, you are no use to me. Die now!” With those words, Captain Doldrum drew his sword and ran it through Morgan. Morgan with only a few minutes left of life ran off the ship, stumbled a bit, and escaped to the forest, which was dangerous at night for wolves, stalked their prey. Doldrum grumbled, “If I want something done, I’ll have to do it myself.” Back at Flint’s aged house, Flint heard a knock at the door and got out of bed stiffly and slowly. Through the door staggered Morgan Avery. Morgan fell to the floor, cold and dirty, as Flint leaned over him. Morgan groaned, “Jonathan Doldrum… Help…Flint Please.” then Morgan Avery died in Flint’s arms. Flint declared, “I’m going to solve this problem in the morning.” Flint then went to bed.

Chapter 6: The Adventure is on Again.

Three days passed, Flint had scoured the whole island looking in every village for any trace of Jonathan Doldrum. After much toil searching on Hispaniola, Nathaniel Flint had come up with no evidence of the notorious captain. It was August and Flint had given up hope. With the gunner, the first mate, and the adventurer Flint returned to the Golden Skull. Before he set sail, he visited his mother’s house yet again. As Flint entered, he saw Elizabeth was sitting on her rocking chair looking out the window thoughtfully. She stopped rocking when Flint entered for she was sad. Elizabeth spoke up in a soft voice, “You’re going on another adventure aren’t you… Flint?” Flint responded sorrowfully, “I am, and I will miss you like always.” Elizabeth replied, “How far you go… Flint… Just promise me… you’ll be careful.” With those words, Elizabeth gave Flint a pendant with a golden coin at the end that always brought her luck. Flint then hugged his mother goodbye, and ran back to his ship to join his crew.

Chapter 7: A Long Night

Flint fell asleep in his cabin, and he dreamt of the past year’s adventures and the murder at the market. Flint was in front of his mother’s house. Elizabeth was standing outside her cottage’s front door near the old oak tree. Flint ran toward her relieved to see her. All of a sudden, a dark shadowy figure appeared before Flint. It said, “Are you afraid of darkness?” From behind Flint heard, “He He He He… soon Flint Soon!”, then Flint fell into a realm of shadows. The ground had disappeared and there was nothing, but darkness. Flint saw Morgan Avery who spoke these words slowly and quietly, “Are you afraid of darkness…? Well are you…?” Morgan faded into the gloomy abyss. A threatening voice from the shadows declared, “Be afraid of darkness… and don’t forget.” Flint woke up from his sleep and hollered loudly. His heart was racing. The first mate burst into his cabin, and said, “Captain are you ok!?” Flint replied, “Yes it was only a dream.” The first mate said reassured, “Well good, that’s a relief. Oh and there is something you should see.” Flint said, “Ok I’ll be up in one hour.”

Chapter 8: A Man Adrift.

An hour later Flint emerged from his cabin. He was dressed in a leather, red jacket with loose pants for running. Around his neck was the coin pendant that his mother gave him. He noticed the crew, looking at something off the starboard rail. The first Mate was in the crows nest. Flint heard the first Mate yell “MAN OVA BOURD!” Flint ran to the starboard rail. There was a man floating in the water on a board. Flint ordered, “Hoist him up.” It took a few minutes to raise the man from the water. When Flint looked upon him, it was clear he was from Madagascar. His skin was dark and his clothes tattered. His speech was distinguished by unclear sentences and partial words. Flint had seen traders from Madagascar in the loading dock. Flint asked calmly “What is your name?” The man spit out water and replied “Mee nam?…oh me nam…tis be Nicholas Obean.” Flint said, “My name is Nathaniel Flint and I am Captain of this fine vessel. How long have you been adrift?” Nicholas replied, “Mees been in d’wattah for twee days” Flint asked, “How did you get adrift?” Nicholas replied, “Me warkd for Jonathan Doldrum, but me didn’t do work, so Captain threw me off the ship.” Flint asked, “Do you know his plans” Nicholas replied, “Yes, you give food an in d’mornin I take you to him.” Flint said to the first Mate, “Give him food and water. In the morning we will set sail.”

Chapter 9: A Ship in the Fog

It was late afternoon. The sky was gray, the sea still, and in the distance there was a heavy fog. Flint was in his cabin looking out of the cabin’s giant stern window. He was contemplating about Jonathan Doldrum and Morgan Avery. The First mate entered and announced “Captain Sir… Mr. Obean has awakened and is ready to lead you to Jonathan Doldrum.” Flint turned around and replied, “Ok… Bring him in here,” then the First mate said, “Yes Sir.” Then he left Flint’s cabin silently. When the First mate returned, he brought Nicholas Obean who was smiling a cheesy grin. Flint asked, “Ah… How did you like your first night on the Golden Skull?” Nicholas replied, “It t’was a good night on d’ Golden Skull.” Flint spoke in a firm tone, “Well let’s find Duldrum.” Then Flint and Nicholas Obean went to the helm of the ship to set the coordinates to find Doldrum. Night fell over the Caribbean Sea and a fog laid over the water. Flint stood at the helm, tall and proud, with the excitement of sailing. Doldrum was in Santa Domingo. The fog was thick, the sea calm. The crew had a suspicion about pirate hunters. They prowled the Spanish waters with an urge of a quick plunder. A silence came over Flint’s crew. His men hushed up and listened. There was a creaky sound of wood and water breaking under it. A shape formed in the fog. Is it Doldrum’s ship or pirate hunters?!

Chapter 10: Revelation!

The sounds grew louder and louder; the shape grew clearer to see. The crew was as silent as the grave. To hear the surf breaking under this ship even Flint was scared. Just as it appeared, it disappeared into the fog. For a second Flint was confused, but as he calmed down a flash of light and a great explosion appeared in the fog. The crew jumped as the cannon ball whistled past them. Silence once again fell. What Flint heard next would give him chills. A voice declared, “We are pirate hunters and you are pirates. Give up now, or we will take action; you’ve had your warning.” Flint screamed, “BATTLE STATIONS!” The crew scrambled across the deck. The gunner, Mr. Stuart, brought his gun crew to the cannons. The first mate, Lewis, commanded the sailing crew to raise the sails. The adventurer, Bartholomew Gun, told the fighting crew to get the swords and pistols. Flint rushed to his cabin to get his wares. Flint put on his heavy coat, his brown balanced boots, his black belt which fit around his back, and got his Flintlock pistol and balanced cutlass. Then Flint rushed to the helm and turned it quickly, so his crew could perform a broadside. Flint yelled to MR. Stuart, “Fire all cannons.” Unfortunately, the broadside was not very affective. The enemy ship, known as the Revelation, fired its broadside. The whole ship shook, and the gunner reported to Flint, “Fourteen dead. Only one man left.” Flint replied, “Load the last cannon and shoot at the ship.” With a bang, MR. Stuart fired the last cannon at the ship. The cannon ball flew through the air and hit the magazine chamber that holds all the gunpowder. It was silent across the Golden Skull’s deck and then an explosion of a lifetime sunk the Revelation in a puff of smoke. The crew cheered and threw their hats in the air. The first mate proclaimed in relief, “Captain we did it somehow, but we did it!” Then Flint told the crew to set sail.

Chapter 11: Santa Domingo

Wait for the next installment for more!

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