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January 20, 2009
By TigerLily212 GOLD, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
TigerLily212 GOLD, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
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"In the end we're all lines on the concrete drawn only to be washed away in the time I've been given I am what I am." - Never Enough by Five Finger Death Punch

"Stop it!" I wanted to yell.
"Shut up!" I wanted to scream.
But I can't.
"Just shut up." I'm tired of this. "Why are you doing this? Can't you see I don't like it?" I wanted to say.
Of course not. You have no idea 'cause I'm always hiding in my room peering out to listen to you convosations.
Why are you making me live though this again and again everytime you tell someone? Its bad enough it happened once but everytime your on the phone it happens again and again. Over and over it replays in my head.

I step out from behind my door and open my mouth but nothing comes out. I try to say something, anthing. Nothing comes out except a dry hissing sound. Once again I'm afraid to say whats on my mind. Afraid to be yelled at, to be noticed and betrayed. Afriad to even live. So I creep back into my room unnoticed.
Once again I can't do it. And I know it'll keep going on like this. Something will happen you'll call up yet another person and gossip about me. Once again I'll listen as you tell the stories about me and they'll play over and over in my head. Again and again.

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