A girl's death left behind

February 17, 2009
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This 14 year old girl Amanda's parents are on there way to go to Amanda's play for school and it was really bad weather outside you couldn?t really see anything and in a second with a silence the parents crash into another car and their car flipped over. They passed away. Ever since that day Amanda has been crying none stop for days and now is living with her aunt and uncle.

One day she starts seeing spirits.
It was her mom and dad trying to give her signs.
The first sign was showing her that someone that is going to go after her and now she tries and tells her aunt and uncle but they don?t believe her. So she don?t know what to do now.

Finally after the spirits of her parents stopped bothering her she felt more comfortable with her self but still scared if someone is going to go after.

Then she kept getting weird phone calls with no one responding when she says hello all you can hear is breathing and then one time they called and she answered and they said I?m coming to get you and she hung up the phone so fast and started to cry and called her friend Margie and said please come pick me up it?s a emergency. When her friend got there Amanda was in tears. She told her friend I?m staying at your house tonight because someone is after me. Then later on that night they went to sleep and Amanda steps outside to take some fresh air and then all of sudden she sees something so she goes and sees what is and then there was a lot of sound and her friend Margie went out looking for her and she saw blood everywhere and Margie finds her laying on the ground dead and full of blood. Ever since that night nobody knows who killed her. It was a very sad moment. The family is scared of there lives because three people already died in there family there just wondering if there going to be next.

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