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A Night In NewYork

After Mr. Ray stepped out of his apartment on 5th avenue, he decided he was ready. Soon, he reached his car, an Aston Martin DB9 and roared down 5th and 72nd street and blew the fallen leaves of autumn off the ground. Even though his goal was like no other, he acted like a normal civilian as he motored down 5th Avenue and then took a sharp right on west 79th Transverse Road. As if a natural instinct, he gunned the car right on east drive and slammed on the brakes where he arrived at the back of the museum. Yesterday, Mr. Ray had decided he would achieve this goal even if it cost him his life. Mr. Ray’s goal was to break into the museum with 4 other men and capture the main piece arts such as A Lady Playing the Tanpura and magnificent pieces by Da Vinci. After the robbery, he would leave JFK and head to Dubai where he would meet up with the other for men who helped him pull off the job. Because the men’s names are not known to Mr., Ray, they went by Bongo, Bam, Lysol, and Sr. Inconsidéré. While Mr. Ray had been thinking about his soon to be fortune, he got out of his car and met the other members. Even though they had not pulled off as many jobs, they still were very wealthy and clever. Bongo and Bam drove a ’08 SLR McLaren roadster with 641 hp and a design like no other. In order that the crew could be at a high speed while being chased, Lysol and Sr. Inconsidéré drove Ferrari Enzos with a 12 cylinder V12 engine. So that when Mr. Ray arrived at the airport with his crew, he placed a fake paint coat on all the cars and had 5 extra license plates to place on the cars. Since the summer, Mr. Ray had been planning this robbery inside and out, and decided the fastest and safest way to get in was through the back. Although the crew had never executed this action before, they new they had to start by climbing up the glass pyramid in the back and then climb onto the roof. In order that the crew would be able to climb the pyramid, they brought suction cups and hooks to make the steep climb. After the crew successfully made the treacherous climb, they reached the roof top where they went onto a section on the west roof. Unless the crew had predicted wrong, there was supposed to be a lock that held part of this section as a trapped door. Unfortunately, the crew had predicted wrong and they found no trap door. Before Mr. Ray had decided to pull this job, he had known a man Ryan Bower who worked for the museum. So that the group would have a back up plan, he hired this man to leave his window open and his security system down for the night. Mr. Ray went to the southern section of the building and found the window unlocked. He called Bongo, Bam, and Lysol over to climb through the small window and into the dark office. Unless needed inside the museum, Sr. Inconsidéré was assigned to watch guard and drive the get away car. While Sr. Inconsidéré was keeping an eye out for any sign of movement, the rest of the group reached the door of Ryan Bower’s office. If all went as planned, when Bam, Bongo Mr. Ray, and Lysol opened the door the alarm would not go off. However, the crew heard a ticking noise and turned around to see the security box counting 2 minutes to type in the 4 digit pass code. As if Mr. Ray expected this incident to occur, he ordered his men to grab the main targets in the museum and be out in 2 minutes 30 seconds. As the clock ticked, Mr. Ray screamed to Sr. Inconsidéré to get start up the cars and get prepared for a get away. Whenever Sr. Inconsidéré was in a pressure situation, he loaded his M9K and got ready for a fight. As long as he lived, he was not going to get caught on a job, especially a big one like this. While Sr. Inconsidéré had been thinking, the rest of the group came bursting out of the small window and slid down the glass pyramid as if it were a slide. The nearest police station was 1.7 miles away and would be a 4 min 34 second drive to the museum. Even though the group had spent 1 minute 34 seconds to load and leave, they still had 3 minutes to get out. First, Mr. Ray got into his Aston martin and roared down east drive and made a sharp turn on West 79th Transverse road. Even though he was going 97mph, he was the leader of a diamond formation with Bam on the right Lysol on the left, Bongo in the center and Sr. Inconsidéré picking up the rear. As the motorcade roared down east 79th street, they noticed they were followed by two no name police officer. One was Adam Frank who was tired from the night shift and hoped to be back at the station watching Jeopardy and eating his chocolate donut. Although Adam was not in the mood for a car chase, the other officer Don Yugo was. As the reckless tired drivers attempted to approach the motorcade sped up and they started to fall back. Then, Sr. Inconsidéré did an unforgettable action, which would change the groups plan. He started to fall back and let the police officers catch up to his speedy Enzo. As Adam approached the right side of the car Sr. Inconsidéré flung his butterfly door open. Sr. Inconsidéré’s oddly shaped door made Adam’s light Ford lifted off the ground and did a half flip where he landed upside down on FDR drive near East 42nd Street. While this was the end for Adam, Don Yugo had not given up. Sr. Inconsidéré had lost speed on this move but quickly made it up with the Ferrari’s 6.0 Liter engine and 641hp. The group was back in formation and ready for action. They were now reaching 190mph and were roaring down 495. No police car was getting them now. Before anyone could move, a deer shot across the highway. Mr. Ray slammed into it causing it to soar 5 to 6 feet in the air. Although Mr. Ray was not injured and had not even stopped, the 67 pound deer had gone straight through the windshield of Sr. Inconsidéré’s Enzo. Although he was driving a million dollar car, it went out of control onto Queen’s Avenue and ran into a 1997 Honda Accord. Sr. Inconsidéré was gone and Mr. Ray thought thank god he held onto the paintings. The remaining four got onto 678 and arrived at JFK in a record time of 14 minutes 17 seconds. They put the paintings in their bags and walked through security. Unless you were a billionaire, you would not be expected to walk around with expensive paintings, especially in an airport. Mr. Ray had already bribed the airport security and walked through as if he owned the place. Once through security, he and his remaining crew walked to their private plane they had rented from NetJets. Because Mr. Ray wanted the best, he had rented a Boeing 747 and one of the most skilled pilots in the United States. The plane left the taxing area and was getting ready for takeoff. Then unexpectedly, behind the plane Bongo pointed out that there were 24 police cars behind them with Mr. Yugo leading the way. Lysol, an experienced pilot himself kicked out the pilot and fired the engines. Whenever Lysol had flown a plane, it had been in situations like these. He was used to the pressure and enjoyed the excitement of the chase. He was then instantly launched with the power of the jets and reached a speed of 190mph. He lightly pulled back on the yoke and the plane lifted off the ground. Lysol invited the pilot back into the cockpit and joined the remaining three in a toast of success.

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