The Rug Monster

January 22, 2009
By Anuttama Sharma, Shoreline, WA

A week had passed and it happened again. Martin Black, the not so famous blacksmith of the Arrington City, was walking over his head. He had heard the falling and breaking of the furniture again.

After a week’s peace the mysterious incident has taken place again. Slowly, he opened the living room’s door and went inside. The small table where the lamp was kept was tilted and so was the lamp. It seemed to him that the lap was about to fall, but no it didn’t. it just remained tilted.

It was a no moon’s day. The only source of light in the room was the lamp. It wasn’t very bright but it was enough for Martin to see a great lump of something right under the table’s legs. That thing, whatever it was, had been troubling for weeks. For the last one week , when it was nowhere to be seen or heard, Martin though that his life had gone back to normal, but it had come back again. The “Rug Monster” as he called it was the most unusual monster. It would run around, making everything over the rug fall down with a loud crash and waking him up every night. Every time he went to find the monster, it would already have run away. But today he would trick it. Today would be “the” day when he Martin would uncover the true identity of the monster. Having kept those things in mind he continued walking towards the table, more quickly than before. The monster seemed to have heard hi. It stopped tilting the table and headed for the opposite direction. Martin, having realized his mistake ran after it cursing himself. Then, he brought the chair down and blocked the two of the four sides around the monster. The third side he blocked with his right foot.

Now, the only way the monster could escape was to run out from under the rug and risk showing itself, which it did! It shot out from under the rug and ran towards the kitchen. One glimpse was enough for Martin to recognize it. The monster was a rat! (From the drains). He had seen them before in his aunt’s house and almost got bitten by one of them when he was five.

Without any further thoughts, he tore after it. By the time he reached the kitchen the rat had already reached the door, ready to flee. Martin threw the chair he had been holding, towards the rat. CRASH!!! Came the noise. There were bits of furniture everywhere and no sign of the rat.
“Yes!’, he said aloud, “I’ve killed the rat!” Satisfied at last he cleaned up the mess. In about 10 minutes he got rid of all the broken pieces and was heading back happily towards his bed. Just then, he heard a sound of glass breaking. He ran back to the kitchen just in time to see the rat escape through the window.

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