Letting Go

February 14, 2009
By XxPanda-BearxX BRONZE, Hart, Texas
XxPanda-BearxX BRONZE, Hart, Texas
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"I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt as though it had an underlying truth.- Umberto Eco"

I sit on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. The sky above me is so clouded; it diminishes any signs of light. As my feet hang over the edge, I watch the angry waves throw themselves upon the rocks, almost longing to release themselves from their own hidden pain. As I look to the sky above, I see two ravens. I let out a sigh and scoot up. I position myself where my thighs are barely over the edge. The ravens count down the minutes left on my life. I just want to let go. As I watch the ocean thrust its self on the cliff, I feel the ocean's sea spray against my feet, begging for me to join. As I watch the waves crash again, my feet and ankles become soaked. The wind catches my white dress and black hair. As I close my eyes the wind seems to whisper, 'Let go.' As I open my pale blue eyes and look to the sky, I see only a single raven left. The raven descends from the sky, moving closer and closer to me. The raven caws as the wind blows harder. I stand up and look over the cliff. The ocean is light blue as the waves leap upon the cliff, again this time to the top. As I jump from the cliff, the wind carries me down. I slowly fall into the ocean, letting it consume me. As I open my eyes underwater and hold my breath, I look up, seeing the sun break through the clouds. The raven hovers above the water, counting the seconds of my life. I slowly release air from my lungs and feel my body sink lower into the ocean, feeling the dark abyss cloud over me. The raven flies back to the cliff, awaiting the return of my body. I slowly begin to realize that letting go is hard. No matter what happens, I can't seem to let go. Feeling pressure all around, looking everywhere for help, seeing only death and dark abyss. Feeling the hands pull me down. Not strong enough to pass, getting pulled down into the dark ocean of death, despair, and dissolution. I slowly release more air from my lungs. I close my eyes, relax in the ocean's hands and let go. I'm not scared, not scared to let go. I feel my body move up, and break the surface. My body is thrust upon the cliffs shore. I feel tears trace my cheeks as the rocks split my skin. The ocean pulls me back, though I do not retaliate. The ocean swallows me up again. I long for air, but all I get is death's life. I feel my blood drain from my body as water fills my lungs. I slowly close my eyes; I'm letting go. I smile and remember the raven flying free. I let go of everything with my last breath: life, love, and meaning. I feel my body sink lower and lower into the ocean. As I fade into death's arms I hear rain hit the ocean's surface. I smile and think to myself, 'I'm letting go.' I slowly commend me soul to the ocean. Now angels will wing me to my home. Their black feathers blanket the ocean's surface. They wait for the return of my body, racing to beat the raven, racing to give me another chance at life, as the raven races to give me death for all eternity. An eternal battle rages between life and death. One always winning as another always loses. Oh, how I wish for those Dark Angels to save me. To let me have another chance, never give in to the raven. I fear his black feathers of death. Oh, beloved angels, save me from the raven. Give me life, don't desert me. Give me wings of my own and let me fly out of this dark abyss into the hands of my Savior. Save me from the raven, my Angel. Please, don't let me surrender to him. Please, help me. I squeeze my eyes shut and feel a tear fall. 'Let go, Angel. Surrender to me, your mine'forever.'

We always take life for granted. We fail to see what we have until it's gone. Then, when we try to get it back, it's harder. Sometimes life is so, so hard to understand. In the end, we will figure it out. We will know why. For now, we are still learning and soon, we will understand the meaning of life. Though, it seems mysterious, it will be wonderful to solve its meaning. Always remember: though, life may seem hard and you can't find a way out, there is always hope. No matter the circumstance, no matter how bad it feels, and no matter what, you have people looking out for you. We aren't given a second chance at life, so we must take advantage of it, and learn all we can from those around us. So, look up; don't cry, we are always here, and we will always survive.

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