A Dark Angel's Walk

February 14, 2009
By XxPanda-BearxX BRONZE, Hart, Texas
XxPanda-BearxX BRONZE, Hart, Texas
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"I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt as though it had an underlying truth.- Umberto Eco"

I miss life. I miss seeing my friends. I miss who I was. The way I look is different. I'm still human, but not. My body is human, and so is my spirit, but my soul has fallen. My once blonde hair is darker than night. It shimmers like stars in the sky. My skin is almost white, very little pigment dances across the surface. I'm still wearing the clothes I died in. My once black formal dress now tattered and torn, the edges frayed. My heels are scuffed and dirty. I find a shattered mirror on the ground. Curious, I pick it up and look into it. Scared, I drop it. Watching it shatter like my heart did the day I said goodbye with my last breath. My eyes are no longer a deep green, but onyx. Tears trace my cheeks. I wipe them away with my blood stained hand. I stand up straight feeling pressure on my back. I look back seeing my new feature; Wings, black wings. From my back the shoot up and an angle, then curve down like the curve on a crescent moon. My feathers are long and blood-stained. I fall to my knees, my wings encasing me in a black shadow. A dark abyss reaches out for me, begging me to return with it, saying I'll have a better life. I look at the ground and see a rose. The petals are maroon with water droplets so carefully placed on it like the stars in the sky. The stem is a dark green, thorns stretching out to pierce the night air. I pick it up, carefully moving it in the moons light. I stand up and move my wings once. My feet leave the ground; I look to the sky to my haven. I smile and flap my wings once more ascending into the night sky. I smell the rose and release it from my hands, watching it fall to the ground, the petals leaving the steam, like my sanity leaving my soul as I surrender myself to what I now am and what I have now become; A Dark Angel.

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