January 24, 2009
By Assen Marinov, Remeinderville, OH

I looked through the window and watched my parents pull out of the drive way. In my dads black Toyota Camry. I waved good bye and sat on the couch. “I was finally alone,” I had been waiting for this moment all day. My dog leaped on to the couch and rested his head on my lap. Just as I had turned on the TV I heard some pull in. “they must have forgotten something” I told my self. I went to the window and my dog followed me. “That’s strange that’s a dark pickup,” I said. I didn’t know who it was to I bolted to the door and locked it.

A man in dark clothes stepped out and started to walk towards the door. I though to my self, “I’m alone and I don’t know who that person is, I’m alone, no one to tell me what to do.” I went back to the window and saw the man at my door. He knocked once only, he then tried turning the knob, but it was locked. He turned around, went to his truck and pulled out what looked like pliers. It was dark so I didn’t see where he went next. I bolted to the phone like a cheetah hunting down it’s pray. I picked up the phone and dialed 911. I put the phone to my ear, no dial or ringing, nothing. He must have cut my phone lines.

“I was all alone and this person cut my phone lines, is he going to kill me? Why didn’t I go to the party with my parents? Why did I choose to be alone?” I asked my self. I turned around and noticed a shadow at my glass sliding door leading to the patio. It was pitch black so I only saw his outline. “Did he see me?”

I ran to my garage and took out my baseball bat. I walked to my kitchen and saw the sliding door was open. “He is inside” I inferred. I called my dog as softly as I could; he came to me with his rattling tags. I turned on the kitchen lights and the living room lights. Nothing was misplaced. “I was alone or was I. was the stranger inside or outside?”

I put my dog on a leash and the chase began. My dog pulled me upstairs and then downstairs. He finally stopped at a closed door. It was the door leading to my basement and it was locked. I swung at the handle and it feel off like it was made of styrofoam. “I’m alone, no one to help me if I am hurt or frightened. Should I open this door?” I opened the door and there he was, in a ski mask with a gun. I dropped my bat and the leash to my dog. My dog jumped at him. In the split second I though,” I’m alone what am I doing and why am I alone?” My dog in mid-air bit him and wrestled him to the ground. He shouted and his gun went off.

I felt a pain as though I was sliced in half and then fell onto the floor.” I was alone no one near, all loved ones are gone and why am I so stupid?” I felt the blood drain from me. I closed my eyes and heard the man scream from my dogs bite. I opened my eyes and the man was gone as was my dog. I pulled my self to the door and saw my dog standing on all four covered in blood. The man was a pale as snow and the gun by his side. I then collapsed.

I woke up in a medical bed with my parents by my side. The doctor came in and I asked her, “what happened to that guy, who was he?”
“Turns out he was a criminal. He was wanted in 4 states,” the doctor replied.
“And?” I asked
“Your dog’s bite tore through an artery in his wrist and he bleed to death,” she responded.” You’re lucky that some one heard the shot and called the cops.”
I had gotten shot on my chest but it missed my heart and main organs. I told my parents what happened. Now I sit in this bed thinking “I’m not alone anymore, my family is here by my side.”

I looked to my right and there it was the bullet that was taken out of me, it was shiny and small. I picked it up out of the plastic container and rolled it around in my palm. It brought back what had recently happened. It all flashed in front of me, the car, bat, door, my dog, the man, the gun, the pain and the blood. “I’m not alone any more, why am I seeing this it already happened once.” Then I came back and saw my parent were asleep.

“Who was that guy and why did he pick my house?” I decided to face my fear, I stood up and walked which resulted in a dizzy feeling, but that didn’t stop me from walking to the information desk. They told me where his room was and he was still in there, well at least his body was.

I walked around for a minute or two getting used to my feet and trying to find the man’s room. I walked in with my blue gown with white spots. All of these questions streamed into my mind but none of them could be answered so I walked back to my room and laid down. I closed my eyes knowing that I wasn’t alone anymore.

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