Iron Blades

January 23, 2009
By Michael Marler, Blue Mound, IL

Everything looked ok as Joe looked around the Massive ship. The Ship itself was big enough to hold between Ten thousand to Fifty thousand people. There are currently Thirty-five thousand soldiers aboard the war machine. Joe has just been made an Elite Guard by the Iron Blades, an organization of bodyguards, which is made up of two thousand members. It is a very rare honor to be assigned as an Elite Guard, which is currently only five people.

He continued through the ship as he appeared at the Bridge of the ship, where the other four Elite’s were waiting for his arrival. Looking from left to right he remembered their names, Frank, Mia, Jill, and Axel. Frank, who is thirty years old, is the oldest and most skilled in the group. Next is Mia, the second strongest and the third oldest out of the five. Jill is a year older then Joe, which makes Joe the youngest of the Elites. Axel is older than Mia and is the most difficult to get along with.

“You’re late,” said Frank with an angry look on his face. “Now lets begin, This is our location, we are going to board a smaller ship with the Royal Leader and his Advisor, along with Twenty of the best soldiers” said Frank as he pointed to the map of the system. The five of them were hired to protect the Leader of the planet Coritin. The Mission is to escort the Leader to the Planet called Tint to sign an alliance with their Leader. Tint has fallen under attack by the ruthless people of Planet Lat and is in need of assistance.

“Once the Alliance has been formed, the rest of the troops will land, once they arrive, and drive the Lats back.” Said Mia “Captain Omar will be escorting us to the capital.” The captain walked up to them, eager to leave. “The ship is set to leave, you may board it as soon as you’re ready” said the Captain. The five headed to the Transport ship wondering how well the trip would go. They got onto the ship, which was made to fit 35 people at a time. The Elites and the Captain reached the bridge of the small vessel where the Royal Leader was waiting to greet them, then walked away to his Living Quarters. Three of the soldiers took the gunner positions as the rest waited on standby in the cafeteria, each equipped with a blaster. Every Bodyguard carried a blaster with them as well as a basic blade in the west they ran out of ammo. When they are forced to use combat, they have a plasma shield to deflect shots aimed at them. Elites use upgraded shields and their own personal customized sword that is made to match their skill.

The ship disconnected itself from the War Machine and drifted off into space for a couple minutes before firing up the engines. After about an hour, everyone was bored and tried to find something to do, some played chess, some played poker, and others did what they could to pass time since there was still three hours before arrival. As they looked outside of the Bridge, they saw flashing lights heading toward them. The lights hit the ship hard, almost knocking the shields offline. The shots were from a gunner ship, and by the amount fired, there was more then one. They prepared for battle as they used the radar to try and spot the cloaked ships. Then five figures showed up on the detector, putting them in a dangerous situation. If all five ships were to aim at a certain spot, the shields of the transport would go down, leaving them defenseless.

Finally, the ships uncloaked themselves revealing that they are Lat ships, as if their attack is to stop them from reaching the planet. “What should we do captain?” asked Jill. “Wait here, I’ll go check the engines” replied Omar. He had the right idea, the engines had been damaged from the blast and they were slowing down. The gunners continued to fire at the attacker as Joe went to check on the Royal Leader. The door was locked, so at the moment he was safe. He continued on down the hall and noticed a trail of red on the ground. He followed it into the kitchen to find 10 of the soldiers dead. Someone on board had done this, but the question was, who? He rushed back to the bridge as fast as he could to find Omar and the others watching the radar, the 3 soldiers shooting at the ships, and 2 soldiers looking out the window.

“There are ten dead soldiers!” yelled Joe, “I found them in the kitchen.” Everyone looked at him shocked. “Who would do that” asked Omar, as he took out a curved blade, ready to strike. “Are you betraying us? Captain” said Axel, drawing out his long sword. “How can I betray you?” said Omar, as he started to laugh “When I was never on your side to begin with!” Two soldiers entered the room, and together with the soldiers at the window, drew their swords and pointed them at Axel. “What do you mean by, never on our side?” ask Mia, also drawing out her scimitar.

“I am a General from Lat, I came to the planet to get close to your leader, and kill him!” Said Omar as he walked around the room, then continued “ It was hard starting over to work for your so called ‘Leader’ of the most powerful planet in this system, and when I heard I was going to captain the ship, I looked at this as the perfect time to dispose of him once and for all.”

The attackers outside stopped firing as the gunners pulled out their blasters ready to fire at Omar. One of the three gunners was suddenly killed by a soldier who had been standing by the window. Omar continued, “I have set a bomb up, which will go off in twenty-five minutes.” Axel, with blade in hand, dashed toward the General hoping to land a hit, but is blocked as one of the Lat soldiers slashes Axel across the back, bringing him down. Trying to draw their swords, Frank and Jill are stabbed in the shoulder, paralyzing them with pain and leaving them unable to fight back. Then as two of the soldiers move to slice Mia, she turns around rapidly and instantly kills them. Joe takes his newly made sword out, while Mia handles the other two soldiers, and rushes toward Omar to stop him from leaving the bridge. The blades clash as Omar turns to block the attack. “You really think that you can win this fight?” said Omar. The two continued to block each other’s attack. Then finally, Joe manages to knock Omar’s sword out of his hand, then turns his own sword around and runs it right through Omar’s heart.

“How…… Did I fail” Said Omar, as he falls down, dead. The other two gunners get back to their positions, while surprising the enemy ships, destroy them quickly while Mia and Joe gain speed to push through the ship and locate the bomb. The gunners rush to help out Axel, Jill, and Frank, as Mia finds the remaining soldiers that were left alive. She locates the Royal Leader and finds that he is unharmed, then finds his Advisor in the hallway, injured. Joe runs to the Engine room to find the bomb, with five minutes left on the timer. He struggles with disabling it till finally it shuts down with forty seconds to spare. He then returns to the bridge and asks “Is everyone ok?” Jill then replies, “Yea, besides those who died, and Axel will be off duty for awhile until his back is healed. The injury was severe but not fatal.”

A few hours later, they landed in the capital of the Planet. The Royal Leader and the Elites meet with the Ruler of the planet to discuss about the alliance. Once it’s formed, the remaining soldiers back on the War Machine arrive and they drive the Lats off the planet. The Elite Bodyguards collect their pay and return to Headquarters, to await their next mission.

The End

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This article has 2 comments.

Sunlessdayz said...
on Feb. 26 2009 at 1:50 am
Mike, this was incredible. I loved it. You have a nack for writting! Can't wait to read more if you write more XDD

snow said...
on Feb. 26 2009 at 1:11 am
mik ur the best story maker ever. Snow


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