Flash Back

January 23, 2009
By victoria fahey, Clearwater, FL

This story starts out with a thirteen year old girl sitting on the sill of the open window in her dark room. She is the only one in the old Victorian styled house. In the backround you can hear rock music playing faintly. The look of pain and anger on her face was incredible. The girl was breathing heavy and her dark brown hair fell across her face hiding her tears. We see her staring at a half singed tree in the miles of yard suddenly she screamed, “Why,” while flicking her wrist down and to the side bursting to flame. In the same second she brought her arm up and shoved it forward letting go of the flame. Our view moves to the tree we saw earlier, now in flames and turning to ashes. Little did we know she was thinking, listing, all the things that could have caused her to start losing control.

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