The Monster

January 23, 2009
By Katelyn Long BRONZE, Burlington, Kentucky
Katelyn Long BRONZE, Burlington, Kentucky
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Billy’s eyes were glazed over as he stared at the glass screen of the TV. His mind was in a numbed state; his eyes were zoned in on the screen. Suddenly his entire body jerked as a scream echoed from the speakers.
“And later this week, see the amazing world of Blood Suckers, Thursday at 8,” announced the voice on the screen. Shocking images flashed across the screen. Billy’s eyes began to grow as large as disks, until the screen blacked out.
“Bed time,” his mother said sternly. Billy looked up and glared, but started down the hall. There was no use arguing with her. Halfway down the hall Billy turned when he realized he had forgot something, but then he stopped dead in his tracks.
Billy trembled in fear as a set of black ebony eyes fell upon him. Billy searched for some form of escape. Seeing a doorway, he tried to silently slink towards it inconspicuously, but those hideous eyes trained on his every move. The fight for flight instinct seeped into his mind. Undoubtedly he was not going to fight something this eerie and formidable. Fear consumed him as he saw tapering fangs emerge from the hideous creature. He wailed as its hirsute legs began edging closer to the petrified human. His mouth ran dry as his Bambi brown eyes searched desperately for any possible escape route.
His mind filled with the horrifying stories he had heard of these monsters. How they sucked the blood from their helpless victims and how once you were caught in their nasty trap, there was no escape. Billy would shudder in terror as he saw what happened to the mighty hunter’s prey as they were savagely devoured on TV. His mind was filled with nightmares and disturbing images of the alarming carnivores. He hoped he would never have to face the terrifying creatures in real life, but as it stood before him, he had a deadening feeling in the pit of his stomach that it would be the last thing that would happen in real life.
Billy turned and fled down the dark, dusty hall. His torn scarlet sneakers pounded clamorously until he stepped on his once white shoelace and tripped. The grit and grime flooded up into his face making his eyes water. He landed clumsily on the floor and continued on his scraped hands crying profusely, only to meet a closed door. He turned to meet the creature, sobbing for some kind of help from the monstrosity. It inched its way inexorably closer. Billy started shrieking. He knew that this was the end.
A foot slammed down on the hard maple floor. Billy sniffed. He glance up and stared at his hero; the conqueror of the monster.
“Really Billy, you silly little boy,” the mother soothed as she plucked her offspring off the floor. She gently brushed the ground with her show to remove the remains of the arachnid. “There’s no reason to get all worked up over a silly little spider. Come now, it’s time for you to go to bed.” She opened the shut door and walked into his room. Airplanes with Mickey Mouse flew across the walls of the nursery. The mother calmly laid her frightened toddler into his crib. A soft lullaby started up as she pulled the azure fleece blanket over the boy’s green and purple Scooby Doo pajamas. The stuffed russet teddy bear was placed just under the toddler’s tiny chin. His soft fingers wrapped tenderly around it and he buried his face into the velvet cloth. The mother sighed as she gazed below that the adorable picture below her. She planted a quiet kiss on his forehead. She closed the cerulean curtains against the harsh cold night and the haunting full moon. And the boy entered the happy dream land of sleep as though nothing had ever happened.

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on Mar. 1 2009 at 2:20 am
iluvedwardcullen25 GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
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Hey Katelyn, this was really good! Congrats!


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