Trapped in a Nutshell

January 22, 2009
By Christine Eleyet, Hartland, WI

Ding, the elevator alarmed as it was ready for its passengers. Once the doors parted, Alice walked in along with the White Rabbit. She needed to go down the rabbit hole, so she pressed the button for the main floor. As she was getting closer to the bottom, she began to float. Boom! Alice falls to the ground, but she had only reached the fifth floor. The elevator doors squeaked open and a scrawny four eyed nerd appeared.
“Hey, what’s cookin’ good lookin’?” Steve Urkel says. Before Alice could reply, Steve pressed the button for the 13th floor. Instead of continuing down the rabbit hole, the elevator malfunctioned and took them up the 13th floor. Beeping at each floor it reached, 10…11…12…Clunk! Bam! Screeeeeech! The elevator stops. In a panic, the White Rabbit began pushing buttons, to try to get to the floor he needed.
Steve Urkel has a troubled look on his face. “Did I do that?” he said, as he pulls at his suspenders.
“What’s happening? I’m in a different world.” Alice said. The White Rabbit starts to get anxious.
“I’m late, I’m late, I’m late for an important date.” He says.
“Oh no, what are we going to do now?” Alice said in a sad tone. Steve Urkel creates new inventions in his spare time, so it was odd he couldn’t figure a way out, after all he was a scientist.

Alice, the White Rabbit, and Steve Urkel begin to hearing pounding.
“Is it just me or is someone trying to save us?” Urkel asked.
“Hello? Is anyone in the elevator? I’m here to save you.” A voice says.
They all in unison reply, “Yes, yes! Please save us, we are stuck and can’t get out.”
“I have a pen cap, a piece of string and piece of gum that was stuck to my shoe, I can make this work.” The voice says again.
“Who are you?” The White Rabbit asks the voice.
The voice says back, “I am McGyver, you know, from that one TV Show.I get in sticky situations in all my episodes, and by the time the 45 minute show is up, I get myself out of them.”
“Oh yes, I remember when got trapped under a car and you just had three feet of tape, a paper clip, and a plastic cup….genius!” Steve says.
“Yes, thanks, I’m kind of a big deal, but I don’t like to brag.”
“Umm excuse me, but I have a tea party to go to, so can you please get us out of here?” Alice says.
“Oh…of course… sorry, I got carried away.” McGyver said. He uses his supplies to get the three characters out.
“Thank you,” they all say.
“It was no problem. They actually got the elevator unstuck about three minutes before I got here; I just had to pretend like I saved you for my new episode.” The three agreed they had an adventure.

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