The Adventures of Pany and Cole

January 22, 2009
By Adam Bayer, Cameron, WI

It was a warm, sunny day in a Chinese rainforest. The birds were a-chirping, and the howler monkeys were a-howling. The forest was a beautiful place and full of animals. Pandy, a young panda bear, awoke to the howl of a monkey and the rustling of leaves. He raised his head to see that both Bear and Lulu, his parents, and Quincy, his little brother, were gone. He stood in fear as he searched for his family.
“Ma, Pa, Q!” he roared. “Where are you?” Pandy wandered into the deep, dark part of the forest where no little creature should go, hollering for his missing family as his sense of dread increased. Refusing to give up, he searched for many days for his parents, but he didn’t have any luck. His parents had been taken by hunters as he had slept in the bamboo forest.
Pandy was very young, so he did not know much of the forest beyond his nesting area. Not knowing in which direction to start, Pandy learned the hard way how easy it is to get lost in the bamboo jungle.
As he stumbled through the bugs and leaves, he heard a growl. “Oh, I must be hungry,” he said to himself.
This however, had been no ordinary hunger growl. Pandy looked around as he realized that he wasn’t hungry at all. Pandy turned to find that a baby black panther had been following him.
“Why, hello there,” Pandy said to the frightened-looking panther.
“H-h-h-i.” said the panther with a quiver.
“What is wrong?” Pandy asked, his concern for the ebony, kitten-like creature apparent in his voice.
“I-I-I can’t find my-my momma,” said the baby cat.
“Neither can I,” said Pandy.
“Well, what is your name?” Pandy asked timidly. “ . . . and if you wouldn’t mind my asking , WHAT are you?”
“I-I am Cole,” the little panther replied, becoming a bit less frightened. “I’m a panther. Who and what are you?”
“I am a panda. My name is Pandy.”
“H-I-I Pandy,” the two were friends ever since.
The two of them had an unforgettable journey in search of their parents. They set out the next day after they got some sleep.
“Where could they be?” asked Pandy.
“Well my momma was wrestling with a person, a big, dark man, for a while then she fell asleep or something, and the man took her with him,” he said with a whimper “She should have come back though.”
Pandy understood that their parents were taken by people. “Well let’s keep looking, I am sure that we will find them.”
As the duo trampled through the forest for days, they started to give up hope. Another day came to pass and there was no sign of their parents anywhere. “Oh man this is terrible. I really wish our parents were back.” Pandy said with a frown upon his face.
“Yeah, me too.” Cole agreed.
The two had given up hope on finding their true parents, so they set out to find a family that would take them in. It is known that there are not many pandas and panthers left in the forests of China so the search would be a difficult one. Needless to say that the two didn’t meet some cool animals along the way.
The two were on the stroll when Pandy was hit in the head with a banana. “What was that?!” Pandy yelps. “te he te he.” He hears from the tree above. WHACK! “Ouch, quit it!” he yells
“Oh I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you.” explains the monkey in the tree above.
“Oh it’s ok” Pandy says back to the little monkey.
The monkey was up in a tree with all his little monkey buddies. “I am really sorry; I was just trying to have fun.”
“Don’t worry about it little fellow.”
“Ok thank you, um what is your name anyway?”
“I am Pandy, who are you?”
“I am JoJo; this is Donny, Tony, Percy, Joe, and LaLa. This was a group of loud, little howler monkeys.
“Hey, our parents are missing and we are all by ourselves, could we possibly stay with you tonight?”
So, Pandy and Cole decided to rest up for the night and stay with the monkeys. “Well sure, but we sleep in the trees…”
“Oh yeah… we could try to get up there.”
“HAHA!!!” laughed the monkeys.
Pandy was determined to get up that tree now that the monkeys didn’t think he could do it. “Come here Cole.”
“What are you going to dooooooo…”
Before Cole could get done with saying do, Pandy had picked him up and launched him into the tree. SHWWPP! Cole clung onto the first branch he saw.
“Whoa, thanks for the ride, Pandy.” Cole says as he trembles in fear of his inadvertent flight.
Pandy takes a few steps back, rushed forward, and leaps. THUNK! The sound that Pandy’s body makes as he smacks into the tree. He stood up, shook out the cob webs and got back to the base of the tree. “This is going to be harder than I thought!” Pandy exclaims.
Pandas are usually good climbers, but Pandy was different, he has no claws! He wrapped his tremendous paws around the base of the tree. He tried to shimmy up the tree. He got about half way up and thud, back to the ground he went. “I will just sleep on the ground.” Pandy yells up to his buddies in the tree.
“Well here, have a banana!” JoJo screams as he launches the yellow fruit from high in the tree. WHACK! “Ouch!!” “Not again!!”
“Oops, sorry.” JoJo said with a grin on his face.
The sun set on the warm, summer day with Pandy curled up at the base of the tree and a bunch of monkeys… and a panther, up in the tree.
Pandy was asleep, and Cole was up in the tree starting to stir from his resting spot. Little did he remember that he was up in the tree! Cole stood up; half awake, and took one step forward.
“AHHHHHH!!” Cole screamed as he fell helplessly to the ground below.
“UGGGGH!!” yelped Pandy as his little pal went smacking down into his stomach.
“Oh yeah… I was in a tree. Nice catch, Pandy!” Cole blurts in Pandy’s face as the little Panda rolls over holding his stomach.
“Oh man, that hurt.”
“Oh sorry, Pandy, I forgot I was in the tree.”
The two bounced to their feet and decided to get going a little early. They both said their goodbyes and headed down the zigzag trail. The two were extremely hungry, so they stopped under a banana tree, and Pandy wrapped his big arms around the tree and shook it until a bunch of bananas fall. The two sat in the shade of a canopy tree. “Oh those were wonderful Pandy,” said with a stuffed look on his face. “Well we better get going Cole,” said Pandy.
The two slowly rose to their feet and started back down the long trail. As the two wandered down the trail, they heard a small snap behind them in the bushes.
“What is that?” asked Cole as they stop for a moment. Just then, a huge net was tossed over them.
“Oh no!!” they yelled together. Pandy and Cole were captured by trappers. Just then they both felt very dizzy.
“I am so tired!” Cole exclaimed.

The two were put into a giant wooden box and sent into a giant ship.
“Oh where am I?’’ asked Pandy.
“Hello!” exclaimed Pandy
“Is anyone there?” Pandy asked as he looks helplessly for any signs of life.
“What is all the yelling about?’’ a familiar voice asked, its soothing tone ran through Pandy’s ear.
Just then, Pandy looked behind him and sees another panda walk around the corner. He takes a closer look and saw that it is his mother, LuLu.
“Mom!” he yelled from across the pen.
“Pandy! Oh my, it’s actually you!” LuLu exclaims

Pandy had been captured, but he had been sent to the San Diego Zoo where his family had been taken.
Across the Zoo, Cole had also been reunited with his parents, and they lived a long, happy life.

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