A Real Nightmare

January 30, 2009
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Death: n. the end of life. I continued to stare at those words repeatedly in the dictionary. My hands started to tremble vigorously along with the book. When I couldn't take it anymore I threw the dictionary against the wall of my bedroom. I started screaming and knocked over my lamp, which hit the floor with a thud. I kicked my bed again and again, until I broke down on the floor with tears streaming down my face.
This can't be true. Why? Why did this have to happen to her? She was so young and vibrant. She had dreams and goals to accomplish in life, but that was all gone and worst, it was my fault, all my fault. If only I had listened to her.
Maybe if I just sleep it will all go away. Maybe it was all just a huge terrible nightmare. I pulled my legs up to my chest and closed my eyes, which was a big mistake. I saw blood everywhere, smeared on the walls and on the floors. Blood was drenched on my blue jeans and they were torn in different places. My white blouse looked shredded, along with a smeared hand bloodstain across my stomach.
The lights started to flicker. No, no this can't be happening, not all over again! I started to run in no particular direction and kept calling her name. Where is she? Maybe I can find her somehow and save her this time. I have to. I must.
The lights went out and ballerina music started to play making me stop in my tracks with wide eyes. My heart quickened, that's her favorite song. Before her father died, he gave her a dancing ballerina box that had to be wound up in order to see the ballerina dance to soft music. She loved it so much that she would take it everywhere.
Suddenly I felt something freezing grab my ankle with a firm grip, sending chills down my spine. I peered down into the darkness and couldn't see anything, but it didn't stop me from trying to tug my ankle free.
A sick smell went through my nostrils. My stomach clenched making me want to vomit. I just realized the music had stopped and the only sound was of my panting. The lights flickered back on and it allowed me to see whose firm grip it was. I gasped. It was Kristy Montgomery. Her bloodshot gray eyes stared at me with such sadness that I could never imagine existed. She wore a white flowered dress that really looked like a pink dress, since it was splattered with blood. Her lips were purple and the rest of her body was blue. Her once gorgeous raven hair was ripped out in certain places, leaving bald spots scattered around. She had a thick red cut around her neck and some blood was seeping through. Her blue hand let go of my ankle, leaving a hand imprint. Her mouth moved like she wanted to say something, but nothing came out.
I finally was able let out a shrilling scream and fell backwards on the cold cement ground. My head started to throb like crazy and blood trickled down my forehead. My heart was pounding hard in my ears. Not able to take it anymore, I started to vomit. When nothing was left in me, I took deep breaths. My throat burned and I still had that sour taste in my mouth.
Okay. I'm okay. I just need to get out of here. I started to get up on my elbows and froze when I saw Kristy's sad eyes staring back at mine again. Such sadness in those eyes. It was my fault entirely. If only I just listened to her. My eyes watered and tears escaped uncontrollably.
'Awe Kris, I'm so, so sorry this had to happen to you,' I said reaching out to touch her, only to find a knife with dripping blood in my hand. My heart skipped a beat and the world was spinning around me. No. No. How? No.
'Oh yes Morgan. You killed me,' a familiar man's voice spoke through Kristy's body.
I started shaking my head and kept on screaming, 'No. No. No. No.'I woke up with a jolt and nervously looked at my clothing to only see sweat on my pajamas.

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layla-clapton said...
Feb. 24, 2009 at 12:41 am
I loved this story. It showed such feeling, and just how real nightmares can seem--or really be.
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