Good bye my love

January 30, 2009
he rumors and remarks were flying through the air
Hitting her like bombs
They whisper in a loud manner
"What a freak"

As she walks down the hall
Everything is cold and dark
She is so alone
Even though she is surrounded by people

Imagining herself far away from here
Back in her old town with her real friends
Back to where she was accepted
Accepted for what she was not for what she looked like.

But that part of her life is over
Once here
But now no more

All eyes on her
As she walks by
The people who stare
Know not of what's going to happen next

On her way
To the building next door
She climbs all the way
Up to the top

On top of the roof
The air is so cold and so calm
The eyes of the city
Are counting the tears falling down

She takes her last breaths
And moves closer to the edge
Turns her back to the eyes staring at her
moves back...and falls straight down now she's gone forever

(June 6 1992 - April 28 2008)

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