A Farewell Kiss

January 30, 2009
By Angie GOLD, Schuylerville, New York
Angie GOLD, Schuylerville, New York
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You walk up to me. You take my hand and you pull me close. You gaze into my eyes as I gaze back into yours. You lift my head as you hold onto my chin. You lean in and you make it final. With that kiss, you prove to me only one thing. You prove to me that you love me and no one else. You pull me tight. You wrap your arms around my body. You breath into my hair, my scent wafting up to you. You grin deeply. You place your hands on my lower back as you place your head onto my shoulder. You love me more with a kiss to the cheek. You don't want to leave, but you slowly pull away. Standing at an arms distance, you reach for my hand. You promise me that you will be back. You hear the horn, signifying the approaching departure. You let go of my hand. You reach down for your bag. As you grasp the handle of your duffle bag, you glance over your shoulder. You then straighten your military fatigues. You look into my tear filled eyes one last time, and off you go to fight the war.

The author's comments:
Writing in the second person is always an amazing task. :D

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