A Crappy Day

January 29, 2009
By Trevar Ondiek BRONZE, Silver Spring, Maryland
Trevar Ondiek BRONZE, Silver Spring, Maryland
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Walking through New York City on my summer vacation, I was feeling happy and relaxed. The day was great and the weather was beautiful, birds were flying, kids were playing, and dogs were barking. I looked up into the clear sky just to see how amazing it looked just when a bunch of kids nearby began laughing loudly and pointing at me as my mood quickly went from happiness to confusion in just a few seconds. Why were they laughing at me? Everyone was staring at me in a weird way as I walked down the numerous blocks. I wasn't going to let these ignorant people ruin my day. I was happy to be on vacation and I'm a very optimistic person. Perhaps these New Yorker's could sense I was from Maryland and didn't accept outsiders. My stomach began to rumble as I started to become hungry. I saw an elderly man at a Hot Dog stand selling delicious chili cheese dogs. I just had to get one. I went up to the stand and ordered two. He then told me 'Four dollars' and gave me an awkward look. I grabbed the dogs from his hands and walked off when he said ' You have bird poop on your shoulder by the way', and just as I glanced at my shoulder to try and clean off the poop I tripped over a soda can on the sidewalk, lost my balance and fell right on top of dog crap. Just my luck. I could now hear more and more laughter among the people in the city, and I just lay there in dismay. Now for the rest of the day I had to walk around with clumpy white poop on my shoulder and dog poop on my face for the whole city to see. I now knew why those kids had been laughing at me earlier. I had bird poop on my shoulder and had been walking around New York City unaware of it. Could a New York minute get any more crappier?

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