Dear Aoi

January 28, 2009
By sora kinugawa BRONZE, Fukuoka-shi, Other
sora kinugawa BRONZE, Fukuoka-shi, Other
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Dear Aoi

Hello, how have you been? I'm doing great and going to Inter national school, learning English hard. What are you doing these days?

We haven't exchanged letters with each other for a long time because

I'm busy studying and you are busy at your school and with clubs.

You are very smart and good at playing basketball. I hear you are a

captain of your team. I'm very happy to have you as my friend.

We've known each other since we were in kindergarten. I like you a lot, and

you are one of my best friends.

Even though we live for away. We'll be friends forever. I cannot go to

Yokohama. Often, but I'm always looking forward to seeing you the next


Even though we cannot see each other, you are I hope you think that

way too.

I'm planning to go to Tokyo this year. So let's hang out. I'm also

thinking about going to university in Tokyo, so we'll be able to meet easier

than now. Let's keep in touch for now, write you,

So please write me back.

Love Sora

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