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Flash Fiction

January 5, 2016
By PotatoKing SILVER, NYC, New York
PotatoKing SILVER, NYC, New York
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Favorite Quote:

"Jason, you ready?"
"I'm not so sure about this Max..."
            "It's gonna be great. After all, we didn’t just infiltrate this place just to walk back out with nothing gained. If we don't do this, we won't be able to get into the the Mad Dog Group, and besides, we’re already here," whispered Max as he gestured around at the military base they were within. He turned to look at Jason’s pale, bony face with an uneven hairline. In contrast, Max was handsome, with thick luscious blond hair and a tanned complexion.
“But we can get caught and die. We should go.”
"Quit being a wuss, after all this is the most highly protected military base in the WORLD, and you just want to walk away, and pretend nothing happened? They already know that we're in here, so if we just go strolling outside, you better be prepared for the entire military force coming after you!"
           "Why do we even need to get into the Mad Dog Group?!”        
“Because they are the strongest mafia organization in the world and they are the ones who actually hold the reins behind this world.”
“Okay, okay, so now you’re supposed to find the weapons depot, but what do I have to do?"
"I don’t know, kill the general or something? First we should find a way to protect ourselves, this is a military base...we should split up so we don't get caught if one of us is found." Jason got up and went towards the area labeled "Testing Lab" and Max headed somewhere else. Jason peered through the gate and tried to see if there was anyone was. All he saw was one shining little light. Suddenly, it grew blinding and Jason squinted, blocking the light with his arm.
However, just as he was about to reach the center of it, the light vanished. “Huh…” muttered Jason, “must’ve been my imagination.”
“Hey! It’s one of the spies!” Jason looked up.  He was met with the sight of a long metal rod, pointed at his forehead.
Blamm! Max looked up and asked, “What was that? Oh well, it’s probably not important.” He picked up the AR-15 he found in the armory, and slowly paced out the door to look for Jason. The last thing he heard was soft footsteps behind him before feeling a blow to the back of his head.

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