My Computer Adventure

February 6, 2009
By dancinann96 BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
dancinann96 BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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Once upon a time there was a boy named Joe. Joe loved his computer so much. Infact, he loved it so much that he spent every minute on it. One day he wanted to see what the inside of it would look like. Joe went to a magic store. There he found a spell book. He went into the index and looked up computers. Then he found it. The spells works were beaming with great light. This is what it said:

Computers computers you work so well. Please let me enter you after this spell.

This was the perfect spell! He was so happy. But, then he looked the price. 300 dollars! Wow! Now Joe was only 10 years old. How could he make that much money? 'Hold on' Joe said. 'I have 200 dollars from my birthday last year!' Now I just have to make 100 dollars' Joe went home and asked his dad if he could do some chores. His dad said, 'Why of course!' 'First do this, this, this and then tell me when you are done. While he was thinking of what I could do, he wrote it down on a mile long piece of paper! Well, if I want to get the money, I have to do it. So I will get started.

First I had to clean my room, the vacuum the family room, then clean windows and all of this other stuff. Finally I got my 100 dollars! I went back to the store and bought it. When I got home, I wanted to see if it was worth it. I opened the page, stood in front of my computer and repeated the spell:

Computers, computers you work so well. Please let me enter you after this spell.

Then the coolest thing happened! Bright blue lights flashed and the computer sucked me in. Wow, I can't believe it actually worked!

'Joe'.Joe!' Said dad. Now, I can't hear him, but I can see him in my room looking for me. 'oh no!' he is headed for my computer! I have to get out of here! I ran into the trash bin on the desktop. Hopefully he won't find me in here.

'What is this?' Dad said. Joe doesn't need this folder. I will just throw it into the trash bin.

Oh no! He found me!

What's this?

Oh no now he found my book!

JOE! What is this?

Computers, computers, you work so well. Please let me ughh, exit? You after this spell.

Exit? Oh, there must have been a piece of dust by the word enter and I t looked like exit.

Joe, what is this!

Uh, a magic book that made me enter my computer and it was 300 dollars.

What was the last part?

It was 300 dollars.


Where did you get that much money? Wait I don't even want to know. All I want you to do is go return it and then you grounded from you computer for 1 month!

So, now I am back at the spell store and, wait, what is this? Ah, a TV spell book.

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