Summer of Mass Destruction

January 16, 2009
Summer of Mass Destruction

Hi may name is Diamien, I survived one of the worst disasters ever, millions died, but
only hundreds lived. You could see a vision in your head of thousands of people being killed at
once. There was only one way to document the tragedy so I wrote the following…

It was a sunny day, everyone was relaxing at the beach when all of the sudden the earth
started tumbling, the whole earth was split in half rubbing each side of the land against each
other killing ten people in the blink of an eye, well at least that is how is seemed to me. As you
walked away you could see the children and the elder hanging on to the cracks, with fear from
the ground I heard a little girl say “Help!! I’m stuck!” but it was too late she was killed in less
than two seconds. If you were smart you knew that there was something wrong, when you saw
the people dying you thought those who need help should help themselves. After the big split
everything was completely different; the equator was on the North Pole, the huge sheets of ice
came bursting through the ground, killing everything in its way, you could hear the screams
from under the ground when the people were crushed by the ice. I scurried away from the
location there is where I met the rest of the survivors there was only 5 of us so then the big
question came up “Dinner?” we were all wondering what we were going to eat. Some of the
people thought that we should eat the dead people, the question was undeniable, we had to
eat them. The food was horrible it was awful, but we had to do it if we had to survive.

A couple weeks after the accident, you could see new homes joy and laughter. I guess
people tried to forget about it and leave it all behind. This tragedy still haunts some people
some of the people that still remembered were killed just to keep the peace. Seven years later
you could hear another mumble this one was a small one, but it smelled. The mumble cracked
the earth in half, but not all the way; this caused all of the dead bodies from the first mumble
and exposed them to the air. Many people caught diseases some of them only live for a little bit
of time, but no one knew what medications were needed, half of our population was gone
there might be a solution out there, but we will only know until a couple years. This story
continues, but not everyone knows about it you just have to find out for yourself…

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