The Epic Story of Fate and Destiny

January 16, 2009
By Shylah Daniels, Columbus, MT

once there was a man but this was no ordinary man. this was a strange man because he believed in himself and he also believed that he had a great destiny awaiting him. this mans name was ashley. besides believing in himself he was also strange because he had a girl name. and he had long hair. but anyways we will get back to his fate and destiny...on one normal morning(or at least it seemed normal at the time) he was walking down the street when three members of the l ocal gang walked up to him. they wanted him to join their gang. He said to himself I would like to be in a gang, i would be cool, and people would like me. so he told the gang,"I will join" so he joined the gang. one week later he was drunk out of his mind because he liked liquor, especially captain morgan. There was a gang fight between his gang and another gang. he was shot five times. it hurt him, it hurt him so much that he died. let this be a lesson to all of you, do not be like ashley, the long-haired man. And do not join a gang.

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