Borditize me, Mrs. Poter!

January 15, 2009
By Shelby Nichols, Shelbyville, IL

Click, click, click. I walked into Mrs. Porter’s room, walked to my assigned desk in a tired motion, put my stuff down, sat down on the OH-MY-GAWD-THAT’S COLD seat for 2nd hour, and yawned.
“Good morning, class!” Mrs. Porter joyfully said while brushing her fingers through her brown, blondish hair.
I, Shelby, mumbled, “I know this class is going to be BORING!” to myself.
I put my stuff away and put my hand or fist on my cheek and swayed to side-to-side in a tiring fashion.
“Uuuuuh!” I said while covering my mouth while some warm, slimy saliva flung to my hand.
“Here’s how we make the letter “O”” explained Mrs. Porter while showing how
to make the capitalized and lowercase “O” in cursive.
“Oh joy to the world!” I mumbled once again under my tiring breathe.
I looked down at my non-filled, cursive Os and O sentences.
“I want to go home!” I whined softly.
I kept swaying to the sides and thought, “Please! Let this be over!”
My eye vision was starting to get blurry, that’s a sign of me starting to go to sleep! The last thing that went through my mind was, “Must…. Pay…. Attention!”
Bang! My head felt like a hammer hammering a nail when I landed on the desk getting ready to fall half asleep.
“Huh? What?” I said while waking up from my one second slumber.
The bell has rung and everybody left to get there stuff ready for the next class. But before I could even get out of the classroom door, Mrs. Porter stopped me,
“Shelby, are you okay?”
“Yeah,” I replied with my hand covering my mouth while I yawned, “I think I need more sleep that’s all.”
Mrs. Porter nodded and signaled for me to be dismissed.
Many moments later, I was walking to my locker and exhaustedly swaying side-to-side in a tiring way to get my stuff for my next class; someone came up to me,
“Did you get enough sleep last night?”
“No,” I replied, “apparently not!” I laughed.
Once the person left, I said to myself,
“From now on, I need to get to bed earlier.”
But for now, I went to my science class for 3rd hour and stayed awake for the whole hour in the green galore science room. But my lessoned learned was; get to bed earlier and to drink as many cups of coffee as possible in the morning!
But sadly it’ll end with a crash.

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