Death by a Cow

January 15, 2009
By Courtney McCormack, Mena, AR

It was just like any other night; they were driving to Texas. The dad was the driver. His name was Paul. The mother Pim, was sitting in the passenger seat singing. The daughter was in the back seat sleeping.

It was a very peaceful night when all of the sudden the mother freaked out.

She said, “Paul did you see that?’’

He said, “No, what was it?”

She said, “I thought I saw a pair of glowing eyes.”

They turned around to look. When they turned back around to look at the road, there was a herd of cows.

When Paul swerved he missed the first one, swerved and missed the second one, but there was no way they could miss the third. Before they hit the cow it turned its head and looked at the dad. When the cow laughed, they made eye contact.

Paul smashed into the cow. It hit the car’s windshield at 65mph and blood went everywhere. The glass was an inch away from Paul’s face. Pim started shouting.

The daughter did not know what was happening because she was only nine years old. The car just started to flip and flip and flip and flip. Finally, when the car stopped, the mother crawled out of the trunk dragging her daughter behind. They had to help Paul out the side window.

Then a year later, the family was driving down the same road going the same speed when, BAM!! There was that same cow, still laughing. Paul slammed on the breaks. When they stopped and got out of the car, the cow said, “I remember what you did last summer.” And all that was left was the moo.

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