Jojo The Patato

January 15, 2009
By Matthew White, Shelbyville, IL

Hello, my names Jojo the potato and I’m Chuckey’s sidekick. Yes, I know that I have a nice fro; Chuck says that I should grow it out because it intimidates the criminals. I also like John Deere, in fact on our last mission against the Mashers; the guy was too busy staring at my expensive John Deere pants that I just punched him right between the eyes and knocked him out.
Well, let me tell you about my first mission when I was signed on with Chuck. It was a rainy July 13 and we had heard the Fryz were making trouble in the Steam Factory. When we got there Chuck said to the owner, “What’s up?”
“The Fryz are holding the workers hostage,” Said the owner who I found out name was Chad. To tell you the truth, I have a terrible fear of cockroaches and I felt one crawling up my leg, I left it be. I hated that smelly place. Chuck then announced his plan, “Jojo, you make a distraction and I’ll throw a net around them.”
“What’s a distraction?” I asked.
“You just go in and make a lot of noise.” Said Chuck with frustration. I suddenly had to pee. I held it in. I walked into the smelly work room and started whistling. I saw the Fryz with the workers.
“Hey what’s up guys?” I yelled hoarsely. Then I saw Chuck swing across on a rope and drop a net on the Fryz! We had caught them!! It was on the front page of every newspaper the next day CHUCK AND JOJO BUST FRYZ. Now I’m undercover with Chuck on a mission on if I told you what it was, I’d have to kill you…

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