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“The Missssss-take”

May 29, 2015
By Ice4eeever BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
Ice4eeever BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
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"If you try, you might not achieve. If you don't try, you will not achieve."
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." ~ Walt Disney

The Hogs had the most well trained warriors and guards. The Hogs had the best food searchers. The Hogs had the smartest leader in the clan. But they too, had the most foodies*. The Hog was said to be the only unbeatable groundhog clan on their field! But none liked the place they lived in, too many animals, groundhogs, to be specific. In The Hog’s mind, there was only one place in the entire world that met their requirement of a good home. According to their legend, there is a place far away where the field is always green and is impossible to cross. Most importantly, it has endless food supplies. For all these groundhog foodies, who would not want that?
* * *
One spring, they finally decide to take this long planned journey.
“Won, are the warrior hogs prepared?” questioned the leader.
“Yes, sir!” Won saluted.
“Too, are the female groundhogs and the kits gathered?” The leader assured.
“Yes, sir!” Too replied.
“Therwee, drop that dandelion and get the food supplies ready!” The leader screamed as he saw Therwee eating the food that are meant to be prepared for the journey.
“Yesss… sirr.” Therwee stuttered as he turned and ran.
After the leader made sure every hog was ready, they set off to their destination.
* * *
The moment they stepped onto that humongous green field filled with the aroma of fresh grass, plants, and insects, they knew they had succeeded. Exploring deeper into the field, the hogs were amazed by how much holes they can dig and how much food they can find. They settled near a pond and started digging holes. Even though the hogs were stunned by everything they discovered, they did not forget that there might be secluded animals everywhere so the warriors were always prepared to fight.
* * *
Some years had passed yet they have not been attacked even once. They thought there are no other animals on this field, so, they slowly dropped their guards. The leader and the vice leaders were getting weaker every day, they gathered in their ground room to reassign the leaders of each job. They decided that there’s no need of warrior leaders or to train their kits to fight due to the fact that there might not be any enemy.
* * *
One night while the rain was pouring, the hogs stayed inside in their cozy holes, none of them noticed a difference.
“Sssssso, amazzzing.” Something hissed quietly to his clan. “I ssssmelled food, ssso many of them too.” 
Some of the hogs had woken up by the sound but thought it was just their imagination, so they went back to sleep. The hogs will soon regret their decision, because they were actually being attacked by a clan of  hungry snakes! The warrior hogs were too weak to fight against the large number of snakes when they knew what was going on. That stormy night, the cry of terror and hisses of satisfaction can be heard miles away.
*Foodie - People who enjoys and cares about food extremely much (Merriam-Webster).
Moral: Always be prepared because you never know what might be coming.

The author's comments:

This fable is based on something I learned in eighth grade and I hope that the moral would be able to help some people understand that being prepared is very important.

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