Frenchy Tots!

January 15, 2009
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So here I am, sittin’ in my room. Thinkin’ bout’ the competition. Are ya wondering what competition? Well every year for the movie star convention each star has to make their own movie, with action, drama, sci-fi, horror or a clique kind of theme. My movie is a horror movie. It will be a hit! But the only thing in my way is Tot Star and The Fries. Tot is an old friend from Jr. High. But not anymore, after the whole posse thing I left. A group of girls in my way will just have to move because Frenchy is in town and she will knock over anything in her way!
“Frenchy, Frenchy, are you in there?” a voice says from the other side of the door.
“Huh, oh yeah!” I reply with a confused look on my face.
“Ok, we have an interview today with Rachael Ray at 12:00 so be ready. Do you know what you’re wearing? If not I will help. Or your fashion consultant can help, or does it really matter who helps you? Make up your mind!” she says with a huge sigh at the end.
‘Wow! Calm down! I will wear my white dress, a pink belt, and a blue flower, I will be fine!” I reply hoping she stays calm.
“Very well Miss Tots, have a nice day.” She replies with a calm look upon her face.
Finally some time to think. O.K. some good movie titles, let me jot them down. Out of the Bag! Hot water! The Scalpel! The Night of the Living Peel! Ok so you can tell
the last title wasn’t me, but it was genius! I mean, picture this, a dark countertop with all the potatoes in there bags. Then a peel from the sink climbs out and tries to eat the potatoes! So Magnificent! But who do I want? Michael Sproutson? Angelina Joleye? Oprah Spudfree? Rosie O’ Spuddle? Chuck Norris? So many names! I.Can’t.Choose!
Ring! Ring! I walk to the phone, who is calling? Should I answer it?
“Hello?” I say
“Guess who is going to make the best movie ever in horror film history?” the voice shouts.
“No, you can’t make a horror movie! Even if you did it wouldn’t even compare to mine!” I shout realizing it was Tot Star.
“Oh yeah?” she says with her teeth gritted.
“Yeah, bring it. You’re nothing but a sprout!” I reply with a twisted face.
Slam! I put my phone down.
my bllod is boiling at the thought of tot! TOT! My Ex-best friend trying to beat me at making a movie! How unreal!
1 year later.......
The blanket of clouds above the theatre remind me of the setting in my movie, The Night Of The Living Peel, and Tot is so going to regret trying to beat me! I walk into the the theatre and take a front row seat! The myriad of people talking make it hard to concentrate and not be nervous about the fact that my movie would be making it's world premere in less than an hour! Before I know it the lights are dimming and the crowd gets quiet. Then the corny movie theatre theme song comes on and I know it is time! Nearly jumping out of my seat with anticipation, the screen starts to focus and I gasp at the sight of.....To be continued!

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