January 15, 2009
“They carry diseases and stuff to” one kid exclaimed.

“So that’s why bats are evil” said another.

While they talked about how bad we were, we just sat there and listened. I was in one of the colorful class rooms of Moulton Middle School. And from the English things on the wall I guessed it was an English room (that was hard to figure out). I couldn’t believe it! We just moved here from across the street and caught over 10,000 bugs since we got here, we could safely say we were paying our rent well. I had to tell the others what they were planning; operation evil people had just begun.

I am Bob Echo the bat. I am not the biggest or the smartest in the family. I have brown fur with a little gray. I am also an average pilot. It’s amazing how much energy it takes to fly around.

As I entered the “Bat Cave” I looked around to see who I could tell. I glanced over and saw Joe Screech sitting by the bar. He was always here getting a drink, hanging around (literally), or playing pool with some marbles we found in a locker. I walked up to the heavy built bat and told him what I heard.

He unfolded his thick leathery wings to shrug “So, they’ve always hated us.”

“But why, all we’ve ever done is helped.” I exclaimed.

“They’re afraid of us because we fly at night,” he said handing me a drink, “and remember what happened to the one bat not to long ago?”

“Yeah.” I admitted. A while ago a bat had gone insane and started biting things. We got him out before he caused serious damage.

“He was a werebat, if he bit you you’d be like him,” Said Joe.

“People call it rabies or a vampire,” I told him as I took a sip, it tasted good, just like mosquitoes.

“You looked through to many windows on Halloween,” he laughed.

“Did you here about the new bat doors?”

“Yeah,” he replied, I could tell he was annoyed by the look on his face, “all we have to do is open them for each other.”

“And they complain about us going to the bathroom on the ground,” I explained, “why don’t they build bat toilets that would help.”

All the sudden from under the “Bat Cave” we heard a loud high pitched scream. “Dang, that’s the biggest problem with this place. Never build over Mrs. Frost’s room,” he said holding his ears, “We have to good hearing for that.”

By the time we left I had finally gotten Joe to agree (probably to be left alone) with me. Something had to be done! We had no clue what to do, but as long as we were endangered and winter wasn’t finished we had time.


“Well hibernation is finished, so what do you think we should do?” I asked with a yawn.

“I think we should just act like we’re gone and maybe they’ll leave us alone,” suggested Joe.

“I thought we could just stay here and since we are protected they couldn’t do anything,” I said

Joe looked at me for a while thinking, “Lets try mine first, then yours.”

Once we agreed on “proper” procedure we told the head bats and they agreed to do it. It might have helped that the only other person said that we should fly down and suck all their blood (and Joe said I saw to many movies). Time to see how operation evil people would end.

After a while of being quiet and wondering what the people were doing we got our answer. One quiet day as we played an unexciting game of chess we heard the ceiling come back a little and a head poke through. Well that’s great I thought thinking back to the bet me and Joe made about if his plan would work or not. “Looks like I get $20,” I said with a laugh.

As we went through the weeks they tried all different ways of getting us out. First they tried to put food and stuff outside to lure us out, all we did was take the food and come in. Then they tried to make noise and annoy us out, we got head phones.

Then they got the “experts” and speakers. Some how they found out what frequency of sound we don’t like and it got us out quick.

As we flew away over the town I said with my ears still ringing, “well that was…hay look at those gold arches they look good and smell like great!”

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