January 14, 2009
By Myrissa Dowell, Salem, OR

It was a rainy day in the big city of Portland people rushed from their cars into their homes no one noticed the small brown box that held a small shivering body whimpering for her mothers teat. CLOMP , CLOMP , SPLASH , pricking up my small ears the I lifts my fragile body from the soaked floor of the already drenched box. Lifting my tiny black nose I smells the air “human!” wagging my stumpy tail me little puppy bulldog barks, the human girl turns around and spots the puppy squealing with delight she runs to the wet box and croons over the cute animal “Emily , get over here!” looking behind her the Emily human stands up sensing her absence I start to whimper the Emily girl looks down at me looking forlorn she walks off towards the voice and is gone. Tears pricking my black eyes the little bulldog shrinks back into the corner of the box. “ you poor thing” yelping with delight with having the attention of another human the puppy looks up this human looks older then the other and smells nice and she is smiling that is always good. She bends over spilling her long black hair over the box and me feeling warmth I snuggles up to the human with long , warn hair that reminded me of my mothers warmth. Feeling the hand lift me from the box I get excited “warmth, food, home!” excitement causes me to bark the pretty human laughs and cuddles me closer “ok , lets go home” she said.Feeling drowsy from exhaustion the I close my eyes and drifts to sleep with the puttering of the rain as my lullaby. Her nose twitches opening her eyes the puppy lifts her small short body from a soft warm place . Padding softly with her small feet the puppy follows her twitching nose to the aroma smell that woke her from her peaceful sleep that was filled with her chasing rabbits and failing miserably . Walking into a large room that was filled with a large white strange box ready to bolt out of the room with the terrifying white box she spots the human girl wagging her tail with her tongue hanging out she trots towards her only stopping to give a warning growl at big whit box satisfied with that she continues on her way the human turns around and sees the puppy a smile spreads over her pretty face she picks me up and cuddles me raising me above her head she tilts her head “ I still need to give you name don’t I ?” happily content in her arms I just give her bark “name sure why not?” after a minute or so she smiles again which wins my affection “ how about sori?” I respond by giving her a full blow lick down which has her in fits of giggles “I’m taking that as a yes?” she manages to say tilting my head I prick up my ears “sure why not” smiling the girl holds me close and whispers into my ears “nice to meet you sori my name is Lara” .Closing my eyes I drift to another restful sleep happy with my new human Lara and my new home .Full grown and proud of her mature ways sori looks at her progress she was cleaning herself so she would be presentable when Lara came home , when she got home they would go on their daily car ride excitement rushed through her she loves the days she has been with Lara thinking now she has been with Lara for quit awhile now many times has the bit bright ball in the sky has come and gone . Sighing though her small white teeth I stretch my round plump body and stand up from my perch on the sofa where I normally reside. Hearing a click from the big wooden exit my eyes go wide with excitement “Lara is home” jumping down onto the clean carpet I run to the wooden exit with my slow but vigorous legs. The exit open and I see my Lara I walk over to her and sit and stare up at her “ready?” she smiles and bends down and rubs my head “I know lets go” jumping with excitement I start to bark we walk outside and head to her red box that moves .Lara opens the door on my side struggling in as best as I could with short legs and body I finally manage it earning a laugh from Lara I sit straight hoping to earn back my dignity she climbs in and were off. Speeding up the road heading where there were more trees than houses I stick my head out of one of the opens that let the wind in making sure Lara wasn’t looking I take a snap at the wind . Enjoying our ride Lara’s talking device starts to ring , thinking about the first time and how I reacted I snorted with disgust it was a couple of weeks after Lara saved me from a horrible fate I munching on some food when a shrill sound came from her bag she carried with her I started to yowl and growl thinking it was something dangerous I mean when things make a horrible sound like that doesn’t it mean danger well I thought so , she just came rushing in and talked to it and it stopped making the horrid noise shaking my head I come back to the present in time to see Lara grit her teeth “mother like I said before ,No!” growling under my breath I shudder thinking of her mother thinking about horrible things Lara’s mom was one of them the first time I met her I hoped it would be the last she all but smiled at me she shrieked in disgust when I went and sniffed at her leg “what is THAT PIG?” hearing her tone I backed away my definitions of her already in my head “bad, mean and I wonder if her pretty pants are pee resistant?” snorting again I got comfortable and prepared listening to there argument today. Seeing both Lara’s hands raise up in frustration I whimper don’t get me wrong I trust Lara’s driving its that big box bigger then our red one coming our way that I don’t trust seeing it swerve I take some of Lara’s pant and tug on it with my teeth but she didn’t pay me no heed still snarling into the talking box I look at the big box coming closer to fast , getting scared I bite Lara that got her attention “s*** , ow what sori!?” I bark then she looks in front of her , her eyes widen dropping her talking box on the ground with her mother yelling from it angrily “oh god” is what she said before the screams , squeals of tires and loud roaring noise of the two boxes crashing in to each other I cringed getting ready for pain my eyes stayed close for awhile strange I don’t feel anything I slowly open my eyes and I spot Lara all bloodied up and her eyes are closed whimpering softly I start to lick her wound but the red stuff just kept come out of the wide open wound tears stinging my eyes I nimbly climbed out of the box but to tell you the truth I was more of a ball now . Hesitating just for a second I start running on my short stubby legs following the closest human scent. Not knowing how long its been my nose picks up a scent wagging my tail I start to bark and run where it was I saw a male human a female , I run towards them barking madly hoping I get there attention I did they turned and saw me I run and start tugging on the male humans pants growling come on lets go we don’t have all day but as male ignorance all he does and bend over petting trying to soothe me I think “ calm down , you pudgy mutt” my lips come up in a snarl I think about biting him but then I think about Lara my panic gets me all riled up again then an idea comes to me taking my teeth I bite hard on his leg feeling the pleasure when I see him wince and cures his hand moves to grab me I jump around making him curse again that got the girl to laugh but not enjoying the pleasure at the moment I just ran from him and turn and start barking I saw him grab the girls hand and start to walk away NO! whimpering I run back to both the girl and man and decided nipping at the girl she frowns she looks at the man “ I think this dog is trying to tell us something” rolling my eyes finally sighing I shake my head you can only rely on females these days , encouraged I yelp happily I pull at her pants she obliged me by following me I bark with excitement I could hear the man grumble ignoring it I trotted to where the mess was seeing the smoke from the crash I bark from excitement were here I heard the two of them gasp I turn my head to see the girl cover her mouth the man just had his mouth hanging open .I just tug at the women’s pants tugging her to were Lara sat still with her eyes close she followed I saw the man taking a talking box from his pocket and talking in it saying something about the crash the girl walks faster when she saw Lara seeing her surprised me she was awake now and she was crying why? The girl reaches Lara I sit waiting to make sure she was taking care of her then I walk away only hearing the last words of Lara and the girl “ are you alright , your lucky to have a smart dog” sniffing Lara looked at the girl “what do you mean” responding the girl says “if it wasn’t for your dog we wouldn’t have found you” laughing tearfully Lara could only answer back with her hands over her mouth muffling her strained voice “ I hate to say this but you must be wrong my dog is right here beside me and she …Lara took a deep breath and continued “she is dead see for yourself” momentarily confused the girl could only stare “ no that’s the dog that came and got us, strange because she is right behind … “ she stopped talking looking ahead I saw a pretty field filled with rabbits I wonder if I can catch them this time” barking I start running into the place where I will faithfully wait until Lara comes to me but for now I leave both her and the two other humans confused with a mystery no could solve.

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