Trapped in an Elevator

January 14, 2009
By Alison Tetzlaff, Hartland, WI

Alicia Silverstone, Jessica Simpson, Justin Timberlake

The shiny gold doors open to the fifth floor and in steps Justin Timberlake. “As if’ mumbles Alicia Silverstone, “do you think your going to get a record label looking like someone who just walked out of a cheep designer store?”
“Cry me a river,” says Justin, “I don’t depend on my looks to get me what I want in life.”
“Fashion just comes naturally to me,” says Jessica
Awkward silence fills the elevator and Justin just stares at Jessica and wonders why she says some of the words that come out of her mouth.
“Why do u care what I say, like you have never made a fool of yourself being seen with some of the girls you go around with.” says Jessica.
“As if, who do you think you are telling him who he is able to go out with, plus why do u care, like do you have a thing for him?” Says Alicia
“Oh my gosh, like I would never go for him,” Says Brittany
“Well look whom you are going out with right now,” says Justin. “Like he is any better then I am, sorry but I don’t think so.”

As Justin and Jessica continue to argue back and forth with one another Alicia stares at herself in the shiny elevator doors when she realizes that she is missing an earring and starts to freak out.
“Oh my gosh, like I don’t know what happened to my earring I think I might have lost it” Says Alicia in a panicked voice.
Jessica and Justin stop arguing for a moment and look at her, but waste no time to returning back to their argument.

“I just want out of this elevator,” says Alicia as she begins to cry.

“Get over yourself, you big baby,” says Justin

Awkwardly looking at each other, the elevator begins to jerk and start moving slowly. As soon as it got moving the elevator stops again and before they knew it they were back to where they started. Waiting what seemed to be hours they three of them just sat there and did not say two words to each other. Then all of a sudden Brittany stands up and begins to talk.

“What did I do to deserve this?”

“Maybe you did some stupid things, like sitting your children in your lap when you were driving, or I don’t know shaved your head for attention,” says Justin.

“And who do you think you are to talk to me like that?” says Brittany getting teary eyed.

“He is like just speaking the truth,” says Alicia.

At that vary moment of Alicia talking the elevator begins to move again, but they do not pay any attention to the movement.

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