Stuck in Elevator

January 14, 2009
By Hannah Gales, North Lake, WI

It was the night of the Christmas party when Paris Hilton stumbled into the elevator. “What is that totally bad smell?” As she turned to push the buttons for the 9th floor she noticed there was a man chained to the hand rail inside.
“Sorry love, that must be me, Captain Jack Sparrow.”
“Like have you been in here all night?”
“Yes, actually, I have been banished from the party and left here to fend for myself.” The elevator stops and a man in a suit, as red as a fresh apple, wiggles in.
“Like who are you old man?”
“Well Paris you know who I am, I’m Santa.” She looks at the old man with a blank stare.
“You know Santa from the north pole?”
“Really, that’s hot”
The pirate looks up with a dirty grin,
“Actually darling, it’s in fact not hot at all, it’s cold”. Suddenly the elevator stops, the lights go out and all that is seen is a glow coming from Santa’s bag. Jack’s eyes light up with excitement and greed.
“Like, that’s hot.”

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