Episode 25.6 Trapped In The Elevator

January 14, 2009
Pacing outside the reflective elevator doors, Bruce Banner waited impatiently, his white lab coat swished with each passing step. Suddenly, the up arrow lit up and the doors opened. Inside the well-lit, yet cramped elevator, Batman stood, paying no attention to Bruce Banner.
“Top floor?” Batman asked sternly, pointing at the floor buttons.
Nodding, he walked into the elevator. Suddenly, the doors closed on his lab coat. Looking behind him, he saw his reflection in the doors. “You are making me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry,” he gritted through his teeth.
Batman pulled out a pair of scissors. “Here,” he says offering the scissors to Bruce, “use my Bat-cutters.”
A high-pitched hum was heard in the elevator, followed by a pillar of sparkling light. The pillar of light disappeared, leaving Captain Kirk in its place.
“What planet…am I on?” he asked, looking at what little room was left in the elevator.
“Earth,” said Batman.
A low moan was heard throughout the elevator as it jerked to a stop. Silence overtook the elevator. The only noise heard was a creak from a stressed cable.
“Why…have we…stopped?” asked Captain Kirk.
“It seems that we have exceeded the weight limit,” said Batman as he was tapping the wall of the elevator. “Any more weight and…” he saw Bruce Banner’s skin turn deep green. “No, Bruce!” Batman said with much force, but was too late.
“Hulk…want…out!” said the Hulk at the top of his lungs. His clothes ripped under the sea of green muscled flesh, only his one-size-fits-all-no-matter-what-size-you-are purple underwear was still intact. “Hulk want out!” Hulk said again, fist pounding on the elevator’s walls.
“Scotty,” Captain Kirk said into his communicator, “beam us…up.”
A blinding flash of light surrounded the captors of the elevator. Technology of an advanced age surrounded the three.
“Life,” said Batman in an awed voice, “a cupful of surprises to the last drop.”

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