What a Horrible Day

January 14, 2009
By Jake Sedlacek, Bountiful, UT

Once upon a time there was a kid named Eddy. His life was terrible and his parents didn’t even care about him, so one day he decided to run away and live somewhere else. That choice would change the course of his life forever. Meanwhile, the next day he got all ready to leave and he set off to go somewhere else when all of a sudden his legs turned invisible so he ran to the doctor. When he got to the doctor they could not even see him, let alone her him, so he went back to his house to think about what happened. While Eddy was walking home, his mom was cooking fries for dinner, when suddenly the fries went up in flames and took the house with it! When his mom tried to call 9-1-1 the phone blew up in her hands and she about jumped out of her skin and was so scared she ran out the door and was never seen again!

Still, Eddy was walking home and he ran into his best friend named Jordan. When Jordan saw Eddy, he looked as if he saw a ghost, so when Eddy got to him Jordan was on the ground mumbling “save me, I need help somebody save me please.” When eddy picked up Jordan, he ran off screaming bloody murder. Eddy was so sad that he had no friends now that he ran home. When he finally got home all he could see where his house used to be was just a pile of ashes. So he sat down to think why this was all happing to him. He got this funny feeling inside like as if he was standing in the center of a crowd and he had just pooped his pants. When he looked at his legs he could literally see them growing. When He could not feel that feeling anymore he got up and tried to jump and when he did it was like he was flying and would never come back down but when he eventually did. When he got down there was a guy in a white lab coat standing there and when he tried to get up and walk away he grabbed my arm and it felt like he was going to crush my arm. He also had a tag on his lab coat that said “United society of Super Heroes, and it looks like you are one of us so what is your name?”

“My name is Eddy and I don’t think you have the right person”, but before he could finish he place me in the van he had and I think I got knocked out when he gave me this funny tasting gas.

When he awoke, still a little dazed from the gas, he was in a lab like thing with lots of cool gadgets and lots of people that look like some of the superheroes of my favorite cartoons, but when he when he was fully wake the person who had brought me there was standing there watching me intently. I made a funny at him so he would stop and he turned and wrote down some notes on a paper and walked away. The next time I saw anyone was late in the afternoon when this lady who looked like a nurse came to give me lunch and then later cam to pick up my dishes from lunch.


I WAS SO BORED!!!! So I went to go look for a way out of this place when I saw a trap door on the ground, I tried to lift it and I guess it was kind of old. It snapped in half and made a really loud noise. I turned around to see if anyone was coming and there wasn’t so I jumped in. In the secret room there were lots of cool gadgets. I picked one of them up and it looked as if it was used in a gun battle because it had gunshot holes all over it. When I was looking more closely at it, it had a name, “the freezer”, and when I pressed the trigger it shot out this blue liquid that got really cold once it hit the table and it froze the gable into a big ice block, the table slid down the long hallway and hit the wall with a big crash. I figured it would make a loud noise so I darted away so they couldn’t catch me. When I got where I could walk no longer I sat down and this stun mine exploded and I blacked out.

When I awoke form getting knocked out the second time, I had the person who brought me here hovering five inches from my face with a gun in his hands and he told me if I move he would shoot me , I tried not to move but I blew it! Darn it! I moved by accident and hit him face with my leg and he shot me in the abdomen, and it hurts really badly and I’m running out of breath but then……… good thing it was just a dream.

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