January 14, 2009
By Patrick Barrett, Rileyville, VA

Ria Ria gripped the chilled metal of the railing that somehow still clung to the roof of the skeletal old building. The air flowed in currents and waves around her pale cheeks, passing out into the open blue of the sky.The sharp blue of it all seemed to cut through the swath of metal and concrete that surrounded her with stark contrast. She shivered, that soft rumble of cold that ricocheted down the spine, reverberating within the core of the body. Sounds echoed from the street several stories below her, bustling and pounding up against the smooth, angled walls of the infrastructures that surrounded it. She tilted her head in to the waning white light of the sun. Gripping the metal even harder, she noticed the paint had long been chipped away from the bar, bent and broken by the unrelenting hand of time. Her eyelids closed, and she let go of the rail. She exhaled softly, letting the warmth of her breath snake its way past her lips and into the free air. Free. The air was free, she could feel it pass by, rippling in her dark hair, finding its way across the contures of her body. She shivered again, giving in to the rush of unnatural cold that overwhelmed her. Her arms raised past her sides, feeling their way in the openness of the rushing wind, stopping slowly once they reached shoulder height. Ria blocked the street out, she blocked the sky out, she blocked out the buildings and the rail and herself out. It was just there, the feeling, that was all. She didn't know that she had gone past the railing, she didn't know she was on the edge, swaying over the busy street below. She didn't know anything, she didn't see anything, she didn't hear anything... But she felt it. She felt the resonation.

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