January 14, 2009
By Erika Thompson, Elizabethville, PA

I sat alone in my room looking at four black walls. I had no clue who I was, why I was here or where I was. The room was small. There was a lumpy cot against the back wall where I now sat. There was a table in the corner with a brush on it for my shoulder length brown hair as well as a mirror that I was now holding. I was pretty I suppose, I had bright green eyes, a round face with high cheek bones. I wore a bright red tank top and jean shorts, on my right shoulder was a tattoo of a leaf. From what I knew and heard I was part of some study. Something about taking humans and fusing them with elements or some nonsense like that. I had no name the people here just called me six, like the number. I never talked, we weren’t allowed to so I wasn't sure if I could or not. There were six of us in all in this 'project' of theirs. Three of us were girls and the other three were boys. The girls were numbers four threw six and the boys were number one threw three. The door opened and it was one of those white coated freaks that are always sticking us with needles. He had two folders in his hand. He was smiling, that was new. He was tallish, his dark brown hair was almost black and it was messy looking. I was waiting for him to pull out a needle.

“I’ve come to get you out.” He said and that’s when I noticed his bright red eyes and he showed me the flame tattoo on his shoulder. I let out a small gasp but didn’t do any thing but lay my mirror aside. “Don’t worry I’m not going to hurt you, just follow me.” He said and he took me by the hand and led me out into the hallway where there were two others. Two boys and a girl, the girl has a rain cloud on her shoulder and her hair was black as well as her t-shirt and leather skirt. The one boy was wearing jeans and a yellow t-shirt while the other was wearing jean shorts and a white hoodie. The boy in the yellow t-shirt showed me his tattoo of what looked like a star and the other showed a tattoo of three swirls which I guess was supposed to be air. So I was Earth, the boy who rescued me was Fire, the other girl was Darkness and the others were Light and Air. So now all we had to get was Water and we were free. The fire boy led the way threw the lab, scientists were thrown around and many were burned. I stayed close behind the fire boy for fear of more scientists.

“Would you care to do the honors?” Fire as I have now named him asked me and I nodded not sure what to do. I thought of what the scientists had done to us and more so me in general and I could feel some sort of energy rise inside me. My eyes from what I could see in the reflection of the glass door separating me and the water girl had started to glow bright green. I didn’t know how I did it but a huge piece of cement rose behind me, the girl in the room backed up and I stepped to the side trying to concentrate on keeping the cement in the air. I took and held both my hands in front of me and swung them to the side so that the cement crashed into the glass door. The girl came rushing out and with fires command we followed his lead and ran towards the exit. I was behind Fire and he was behind the others making sure they all would get off when he suddenly stopped and looked up at one of the observation balconies. Their was a severally burned scientist and he had an AK47 which wasn’t good. Was standing a few yards from Fire when the scientist turned his gun on me. He fired it at me but before I could even attempt to scream a blaze of fire surrounded me and I was pushed to the ground. Then the fire was gone and I was yanked to my feet. When we ran out the door it was the first time I had seen daylight but for Fire, Light, and Air it obviously wasn’t. While the rest of us were stunned it was up to the others to lead us out of harms way. We ran for what seemed like an eternity. We ran across rolling hills of grass then as the terrain inclined it became rockier. Fire obviously knew where we were going because at sunset (at least that what I think it was called) we arrived at a large cave with supplies inside. I went my own way and sat on the ground at the mouth of the cave while the others hung around Fire for further instruction and they did as he said and started cooking and unrolling sleeping bags. Fire over saw every thing and helped where and when he could, every one was talking to each other and every time someone came over and began talking to me I just looked at them and they left me to look out at the landscape as they talked to Fire about one thing or another. Night fell quicker than I expected bringing with it an unexpected cold. I shivered involuntarily and listened to the others talk and the clinking of dishes as they ate.

“Hey.” Fire said as he draped a coat over my shoulders and he sat beside me. I just looked at him like I did the others but he didn’t leave. “Your scared to try and talk aren’t you?” He asked which surprised me because he knew exactly why I didn’t want to talk. I looked at him and I shook my head for what I assumed was yes then looked back out at the black landscape. He was silent for a moment.

“Will you try and talk?” He asked me, and I considered it for a moment then shook my head yes again. “Alright then, what’s your name?” He asked as I looked into his red eyes and he looked into my bright green eyes.

“I-I don’t know.” I finally said and I was surprised at how normal my voice sounded. Fire looked at me for a moment thinking over my words.

“What would you like to be called?” He asked me as he stood up and offered a hand to help me up. I took it and stood up on numb wobbly legs as I thought about what I wanted my name to be. I knew a name that had been stuck in my head for a while that I liked but never really used it for myself.
“I think I want to be called Storm.” I said as we walked to where Light and Water were cooking food on mini grills.

“Cool Storm, I’m James.” He said as he grabbed a plate and put what I thought was a hotdog on it. He put it in a bun and put ketchup on it and handed it to me along with a bottle of water. I went back to the mouth of the cave, James’ coat still on my shoulders.

“How did you get us out?” I asked him as he sat beside me on the floor and I began eating my food.

“I blasted my cell door open and then I got a lab coat and went and freed Tom and Seth and then Ithtar then you then Coral.” He said as he leaned against the cave wall watching me.

“How did all this stuff get here?” I asked him wanting to know as much as I could about what have happened.

“Tom, Seth and I escaped a few times from the lab and when we did we decided that we needed a plan and now here we are.” He told me as he began to shiver.

“Here.” I said handing him back his jacket.

“No, you could use it more than I could.” He said with a smile and he refused the jacket.

“Well it’s not doing me much good, in fact I think I’m going to go sleep a bit" I said as I yawned.
“I’ll show you where you’ll be sleeping.” James said as I pulled the jacket back on and he led the way to the back of the tavern to where Darkness and Water were laying on their sleeping bags talking. James nodded to the girls and they giggled and he was gone leavening me to fend for my self among the other girls. I took a deep breath and took the only available spot between them.

‘Just hope they don’t notice you.’ Storm thought to her self as she lay on her back looking up. Suddenly my view was blocked by a hand.

“Hey.” One the girls said as she poked her head into view. Her Hair was a reddish color cut short, her eyes were icy blue, and she looked almost like a red haired pixie only with out the wings. She smiled at me and her head vanished from view.

“Um, Hi.” I said not exactly sure what to do.

“You were amazing when you smashed that boulder threw my cell door.” The girl said as she sat cross legged on her sleeping bag facing me.

“It was?” I asked not sure if it was a good or bad thing.

“Uh yeah, I haven’t seen any one with that much control over their power since James figured out what we could do.” She said with a huge smile on her face.

“What we could do?” I asked a bit confused.

“Not everyone can magically lift boulders and smash them into walls cupcake.” The other girl said smirking.

“Oh shut up May.” The red headed girl said crossing her arms and began pouting.

“Make me Coral.” May challenged as a black aurora enveloped her and the same happened to Coral only with water. Her eyes glowed bright blue and Mays bright purple. Suddenly the whole cave went black and it started raining in the cave.

“Break it up you two.” James said as he lit up the cave with two hands full of fire. Then the darkness lifted and it stopped raining. May stomped off in one direction while Coral and I just stood there wondering what had happened. I felt a little bit responsible for what had happened so she followed May deeper into the cave where the shadows seemed to follow her and that’s when I realized that the shadows actually were following her. She turned so quickly I almost didn’t catch it.

“Can I help you?” May asked sourly.

“Um, are you ok?” I asked her and her angry expression faded into a confused one.

“Yeah, I’m fine I guess.” May said with a shrug as she walked to my side and we continued down the path we had originally been going. May gave a faint smile but nothing major as we talked. She knew a little more about the out side world than I did but then again she had her memories and I didn’t. By the time they got back to the sleeping bags they were already best friends and May would help Storm all she could with the things they had and things they needed to do, and we were all finally free.

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