All out war

January 13, 2009
By Tor-Edin Farstad, Logan, UT

Dallin stared out in the galaxy Icalaus XII, and asked out loud: “Computer, why am I here?” A crackling voice from a nearby speaker said: “You have been sent here by the Imperial Commanders to search for a trace after chaotic forces in this area of space”

“But there is nothing here, absolutely nothing.” he said to himself.
As he uttered those words from his mouth, his ship was engulfed in fire, never to be seen again.

“Sir, we’ve lost contact with the ship” was the message which Dreas received in his office. “I knew it; there is Chaos out there, for certain”
He called in for a meeting with the imperial staff, to discuss what to do with this filth. The only way was simple, crush, destroy, and remove. How to do it, was another issue.
“But sire, what plan do you have to destroy the Chaos marines, our army is small on this garrison, and we have no resources whatsoever to destroy these creatures of evil!” said one of Dreas’ lieutenants and pounded his fist on the table.
Dreas responded: “Dear lieutenant Robinson, do you doubt my command? Do you doubt the Imperial Guard, the Emperor? We have defeated these vile creatures of the Warp before, being vastly outnumbered ourselves.”

Robinson sat down, and did not say anything for the rest of the meeting.

“The Imperial Guard is going to deploy the main force along the borders of this planet. My far seers have revealed to me that the forces of Chaos are heading this way, so we must be prepared for absolutely anything which we can think of, be it vile daemons or ruthless soldiers, even both!”

By those words, the ended, every commander-in-chief going to his station.

“Master, we are ready to engage with the imperial traitors” sounded a faint voice from a slave inside the Chaos command ship, which at the current moment was hovering just outside the planet of Exaultas VI.

“Then do so, in the name of the Horus!” said war master Abaddon in delight, sitting in his seat, enjoying the soon-to-be Chaos world where his throne would stand.

“Yes master” was the reply from the slave, as it ran down the hall to the firing room, shouting out “Proceed with the attack!” and so, the battle began.

The Chaos fleet bombarded the planet with barrages of bombs, viruses and other things straight from the Warp. The Imperial ships responded the fire by sending out hundreds of spacecrafts, capable of mass destruction, though they did not know what Chaos had in mind for them.

Abaddon unleashed his ships, which had a hard time destroying the much faster ships of the Imperium, but still proved a worthy enemy.

Dreas’ voice went through the radio: “We have defeated the main force of skimmers from the Chaos fleet! Head for the mother ship!” and by that command, all of the unengaged ships of the Imperial Guard, turned their heads towards this massive ship of Chaos.

“Master, master, what shall we do? The imperial forces have destroyed most of our fighters!” reported a slave to Abaddon.

“Bring forth the reserves, as well as the gauss cannon” Abaddon replied silently, a little smile covering his dark face.

The Universe was torn apart in a big hole, and a huge fleet of daemonic vessels, or ships appeared, launching seemingly endless amounts of energy pulses towards the Imperial ships, devastating countless of them.

As if that wasn’t enough, Abaddon's ship opened its main hatches on the bottom of the ship, and revealed the gauss cannon. This weapon of destruction had been made by the war master himself, and could destroy a whole planet, if used properly.

The first target was not the planet itself, but rather the circle of Imperial command ships surrounding the planet. If these ships were destroyed, there would be no way for the Imperial Guard to communicate.

“Prepare to engage, we must not let them fire this weapon, it is rumoured to kill thousands! Use our ace!” Dreas yelled over the radio, as he saw the cannon being prepared to fire.

A single ship ventured into space from the planet, it could not be sighted by any known man, neither Chaos nor human. It headed straight for the mother ship, and aimed for the cannon, using its proton missiles, which yet had been tested properly, all the scientists knew, was that it hit something big, it destroyed it.

“Target sighted, awaiting orders to fire” said the pilot across the radio to Dreas.
“What are you waiting for; the cannon could fire at any given moment, shoot it!” Dreas replied. Not aware that the missiles might fail.

The missiles took off from the ship with dangerous intentions in mind, at least for the forces of Chaos. As lightning from clear sky, they wrecked havoc on the cannon, reducing it to little but mere dust.

“What was that!?” Abaddon asked furiously, sensing the ship was struck by something, yet not knowing what it was.

“Master, the Imperial forces have managed to destroy our gauss cannon, and we have nothing but simple autocannons left, what shall we do?" said the slave.

“What, but how, how is that even possible, these pathetic human forces are starting to bother me, send fourth our legions, if we cannot conquer them in space, then let’s do it on the surface then.

“Drop pods with soldiers are inbound to the surface, we must destroy them, send forth the Baneblades and every platoon available in region 4!” said Dreas to his lieutenants, as he returned to the surface hastily.

The strongholds of the Imperial Guard were known for their superior firepower, their endurance, and ability to suppress enemy fire.

Elite soldiers of any kind, hardened veterans from countless wars, mustered inside the main Stronghold of the planet, encouraging themselves for all-out war. Dreas landed just in time to see the first Chaos drop pods hit the surface in front of the stronghold.

The battle raged on. The Imperial Forces withstood the foul creatures and vile soldiers of chaos, though outnumbered, and without the weapons the chaotic soldiers brought forth, yet they did not falter.
Dreas did what he did best, being on the frontline, decapitating enemies as he swept across the ranks of enemies.

Abaddon entered the battle himself, killing hordes of soldiers trying to attack him, his power armour withstanding endless shots from laser guns, grenades, and other imperial weapons.

Dreas and Abaddon, after many hours of battle, clashed on a close combat fight. Dreas, using his power claws, managed to tear apart critical parts of Abaddon’s armour, while he was badly injured by Abaddon’s power sword.

Abaddon had been severely weakened by Dreas, and called upon the gods of Chaos to transport him out of the battle, and being granted his wish, fled the battle, through teleportation.

The Imperial Guard had succeeded against all odds. They had not failed; they had destroyed their opponents.

“Robinson, do you still doubt my judgement, as well as the Emperors will?” Dreas asked, sitting in the Chamber Tactica, where they had, two days before discussed battle plans”

“No sir, I have no doubt in my mind that we can defeat any enemy we will ever face, from now on, and through eternity”. The lieutenant replied.

“Good, now go and do as I did, move to the planet you just recently captured, I will send with you two platoons of soldiers, as well as some tanks. I have received from the Imperial Armoury of Terra, three Titans in reward, which will help us a great deal, against forthcoming threats.” said Dreas, and turned his head towards the window, a signal which ment he was done.

“Yes sir, you may count on me to be your ally, in whatever situation which demands it!” said the lieutenant, and left the room.

“My lord, there is still forces of chaos on this planet, hidden well away, beneath the surface, close to the core of the planet, what shall we do?” said one of Dreas' far seers.

“We shall destroy them all, mobilize a strike force immediately, in the name of the Emperor!” responded Dreas firmly.

Robinson turned around, just in time to see a chaos mutant arriving through a hole in the wall.
“Wow, those things just keep coming!” said one of the soldiers, just as the lieutenant slew the foul beast.
“Go on soldiers; keep pushing these marines of filth further down the road!” yelled Dreas, as he stepped out of his rhino-transport.
“They have an infernal sorcerer my lord! He is using his foul spells to misguide us, and demoralize us, how will the Emperor guide us in defeating this machine of doom?” One of Dreas' soldiers asked.

“We will do what’s asked of us to do, this be killing that sorcerer no matter what, we have our own tricks to use against this foe.” Dreas replied. “Bring forth my psykers!” he commanded, while staring at the spells cast by the chaos sorcerer. He felt something a bit frightening about this sorcerer, there was something special about him, something familiar.

“Onward, to glory!” he commanded, using his bolt pistol furiously and shooting down every foe which came in range. Nobody in his platoon had ever seen such a ferocious fighter before, the fury against the chaos forces raging in his mind.

The chaos soldiers stranded in the center of the planet had caused great havoc to the landmass there, spreading the chaos taint wherever they passed.

The sorcerer, named Asdrubael, had been on one of Abaddon’s ships, and had taken an alternate route down to the face of the planet. They had already conquered a great deal of land, since the Imperial Guard had been busy fighting off the main Chaos force, just beneath their great stronghold.

“Defeat these puny human soldiers, by the chaos gods, you will not retreat!” commanded Asdrubael, as he blasted one imperial guard to smithereens with his plasma gun.

“My gods, by your favor, please send reinforcements and let us defeat these human soldiers, to continue our great quest for your glory!” he said, and by those words, two groups of infernal daemons were summoned.

“Lord, we have been sent from the warp to accompany thee in this battle, who do we attack?” one of the greater daemon leaders said, with a crackling voice.

“Find the leader of these humans, dispose of him, quickly, while my marines fight of the main force” said Asdrubael smiling, and saying a silent prayer of gratitude to the gods of chaos.

One of Dreas’ psykers whispered: “There has been a change in this battle, there is a force we have not encountered yet, and I can feel it, something just ripped through reality.”

“Where is this force?” asked Dreas, and by that question, the daemons appeared right in front of his squad. “What kind of creatures are these?” he thought for a second, as he drew his powerfists forward, and began destroying these creatures of the warp.

The daemons were tall, and had color combinations yet to be seen by human scientists. They were constantly morphing themselves into other types of daemon, to quickly adapt to whatever enemy they were battling.

The psykers in Dreas’ squad had a very hard time trying to fry the brain of these daemons, as they were not natural creatures encountered before.

The imperial soldiers were all stunned by these daemons, as they had never seen them before in their long life.

There weren’t a lot of chaos soldiers left on the battlefield. In this battle there was not much power armor could do to save these soldiers, because they were literally surrounded by enemies.

The Imperial Guard had but to leave their mortars and laser cannons since they were entering a large cave. This was where the large battle took place.

“Help me!” Dreas yelled, as he was seeing no end in the torment the daemons caused him. His soldiers was afraid of even trying to shot at the daemons, as they could hit Dreas’ or hit nothing at all, since the daemons were constantly morphing.

At that instant, a drop pod crashed down outside the cave entrance. “The rescue is here” said one of the tired psykers. A big squad of Daemon hunters had just entered the fray.

“You shall not despair master, we have defeated these vile creatures before with our nemesis-blades, and we will do so again” said one of the silver armored warriors.

The daemon hunters then pulled forward their staff-like weapons, with edges sharper than the most powerful laser invented, they relieved Dreas of his torment, pushed him out of the daemons’ reach, and swiftly they dispatched the daemons, banishing them back to the warp they once came from.
The daemon hunter leader then used his jump pack, and jumped across the hole in the middle of the cave, on to the sorcerer, which could do nothing against these superior warriors. He was quickly decapitated, and the rest of the chaos soldiers were destroyed.

“How did you know, that I was in great need of your assistance?” Dreas asked his rescuers, as they left the cave, and returned to the stronghold.
The daemon hunters pointed anonymously towards Robinson.
“You, this can’t be right, you’ve always doubted me, and would rather see me dead than alive, why did you do this?” Dreas asked, rather shocked.
“I may question your tactics my lord, but I have a solemn believe in that without your presence on this very planet, the Imperial Guard would not have won this battle, or any forthcoming battles we partake in.” answered Robinson
Robinson was rewarded with several medals later on, showing his service to the Lord Emperor of Holy Terra. He always, somehow questioned the tactics of Dreas, but he was yet to not obey them.

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