January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

It is January 2014. People are out enjoying the beautiful snow out in a little small city with a small population named Logan. Kids were out laughing and playing, making snow angels and snowmen. Suddenly, an extremely weird noise was heard from the far away mountains. At first the people ignored it, after a while there was a strange movement on the floor. The adults got scared and pulled their children into their arms. A little girl, Lisa, ran to her mom, scared crying because blood was coming out of her nose for no reason, this continued on for days. When it came to this her mother worried, decided to take her to the doctor. The doctor searched and made analysis on Lisa. Weeks later the results came in, nothing was found in the exams. It was odd. A few days later Lisa’s friends’ mother came and spoke to her mother saying that it was an epidemic, because the bleeding and all was also happening to other people.

It was the beginning of winter, the snow on the mountains was different, and the weather instead of it being cold it was hot. The epidemic continued on. People continued going to their doctor to get checked up to see what was wrong with them but no result, nothing was found. Scientists investigated, took blood samples. Everything seemed strange. People alarmed watched the news to see if anything important would show up. Nothing. The weatherman kept saying that the weather was going up, that it was hotter. It was the beginning of winter, how can it be? People asked themselves. Scientists claimed that what was going on was an infection that came from somewhere else. The scientists tried coming up with a cure but it was impossible because they really didn’t know much of this infection.

People continued getting infected. This infection got to the point that it killed the people. Not all people died but it lowered the population number. After the bleeding then came more symptoms. For example like hair falling off, redness on the skin and their eyes would turn yellow and they would turn yellow and they would turn aggressive. This happened to little Lisa, and her mother, Ana, worried so she had no choice but to let her daughter go. She didn’t want to, but she was afraid, and she didn’t want to see her daughter suffer.

Lisa still had her little girl thoughts and actions, so she cried when her mother told her that she was sending her away. To a city not far away form their home, Bear Lake city. Ana felt bad, but she knew why she did it. Ana’s friends also sent their sick children with Lisa. The mothers felt bad, they told their kids that they were going on a small vacation, but they knew what was going on. They left…

One day on the news Ana saw that the scientists had discovered that the infection had come from space.

Three months later. Lisa’s birthday passed it was on March; Ana spent it on her own. She was sad because she couldn’t tell her daughter Lisa happy birthday, or bake her, her favorite breakfast or kiss her goodnight. She went on days like this, sad. She told herself that she couldn’t continue like this so she gathered with her friends to start looking for their children. They made copies of their children’s pictures to put them up on walls, trees, etc. They traveled to nearby cities and town also pasting their copies. Asking people if they have seen them, because they weren’t seen where they had sent them. They spent days doing this. After a while they decided that by themselves they were not going to be able to find them, so they decided to make a police report.

No news was heard of where they have been.

One of Ana’s friends who were a scientist didn’t send her infected child off. Her name was Marcy. She stayed with him to work on him. She did studies on him, like for example blood test to see if she found anything weird in him.

When he first got infected he was still a normal child, with the days going by he started loosing skin color, his attitude toward his mother had became more aggressive. In his young eyes he had no veins, and also he started loosing much of his hair on his body, he also hated the light. He never wanted to go outside in the day. He was always stuck in his darkroom.

Eric her son had hard and fast breathing, something that no one had ever seen. She reviewed him day and night. Video taped every step and things she did to him. She kept all the recordings. And just to be safe she kept her son in this huge glass box, down in her basement.

Marcy showed some of her recordings to Ana and the rest. There were five women. Many people had decided to leave because they did not want to get infected by the disease that had come and destroyed their town. Marcy and the rest of the ladies stayed to see what they could do to find a cure and to stay with their children.

They went to the police department to see if they had any news. They did, they had appeared to have seen Lisa, Ana’s daughter, alone in the night they said that they had tried talking to her but once she saw the light of their flashlight she screamed and ran away. Ana was happy but then at the same time sad, because she knew that now she was really infected with the virus/infection. Ana asked the officer exactly where they had seen her daughter, to go see her for herself.

The following afternoon Ana went to the location the officer had told her. She felt afraid; she didn’t know how her daughter was. She walked slowly trying not to make a single noise to not be heard… Then she stepped on this can as soon as she stepped on it she heard other steps behind her, her heart pounding hoping it wasn’t the monsters. In reality it was Marcy. She told Ana that she followed her because she worried, and she didn’t want to her to go alone. After she told her that she heard someone scream, she ran because she recognized the voice. It was her daughters’, and saw that she was eating some animals that were infected by the virus. She skinned it alive and ate it whole. Her mother was about to say her name when Marcy whispered to her not to. She said instead to start running, because the infected could sense humans flesh.

When they both got to the house, they locked up all of the windows and doors, and then ran down the stairs to the basement to check up on Marcy’s son.

Besides her son Marcy also had some animals she was testing. All but one was still acting the same. She noticed that this certain one was loosing the strength he had and was turning back to a normal one. Little by little. She first tested all of her chemicals on the animals putting different amount of dozes, then she would know if they would work on her son.

Both Marcy and Ana were happy because it seemed that they were getting close to finding a cure. Both decided to go tell the rest of the club, but…. Once they go to their home they didn’t find them so they thought that they would probably be in their meeting spot. But no, they weren’t. They decided to take a drive to the nearby neighborhoods. They didn’t spot anything, it was already dark. Finally, they came to an old looking gasoline station and there they spotted more of these strange naked looking things. They got closer and they heard a scream, because every time the truck got nearer the headlights got brighter and it burned their skin. They all ran.

Marcy and Ana got off the truck, what they saw was nothing beautiful, it was their friends. Ana started screaming because it was sad to see their friends getting eaten by those monstrous things. After they saw that horrific scene Ana was mad, she wanted to know where these lived or stayed at so she told Marcy to speed the truck and follow them.

They went and found another pack of them. They were hideous they looked as if they were small little humans, naked, their skin and hair had fallen off. They found their hiding spot. They decided not to go in till the next following morning when the sun was still out.

The day came Marcy planned to capture one of them. She noticed that they liked blood so that was part of her plan. She and Ana went down to the hidden place. They took some shots (vaccines) to be safe from the infection that the others had. They went during the daylight, while the sun was still out, because at that time they wouldn’t come out. Both set out the trap and laid out the tube of blood, smashed it so they could smell it. They waited. Until… One of them finally felt for it, the rope caught it by the leg and was swinging it. Marcy took out a vaccine shot that contained something that would sleep and control them. They took it down from the rope and put it into the truck. They took it to Marcy’s home and stuck him in her laboratory where there she also had her son. She experimented on this body. It had the same symptoms as her son.

Two months later. One night the cops had gone out to search, they had bad luck; they were caught by the skinless monster and were eaten. Now the city was left with no security. The whole city looked dead, it looked abandoned. Well now the only people left seemed to be only Marcy and Ana.

Every evening they would go to this radio station, and announce to see it anybody else was found nearby, no one would answer or call in. But they were both prepared with food and clothes and everything.

They had to take advantage during the day to do what they needed, because at night was when the ugly creatures appeared. For their free time they would go to the lake to admire the view. They did have to be careful; however, to be safe they would each carry a riffle. They also carried around Marcy’s little aid kit.

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