January 13, 2009
By Stanford Andersen, Hartland, WI

I guess you could say the common cold has an over 100% death rate this year. Recently, people have who have had direct contact with JDY-136 have become more aggressive. JDY-136 is a variation of the common cold with some unusual symptoms. Right now, it is running rampant in Milwaukee and all around the globe.

JDY-136 is airborne and highly contagious. The medical sector warns to stay away from anyone who might be infected. Those who are infected are being told to wait it out and not to seek medical attention as there are often doctor fatalities when working those infected.

This cold was originally discovered to be the culprit of murders when testing was run at Ohio State University. The original patient was under duress as his body could not take the steroid like chemicals JDY-136 produced. The scientist believed it could only be spread by skin contact, and he was inexorable until his son got infected and later died (Airborne now).

The autopsy concurred with his position and proved that JDY-136 was to blame. Everyone should have been warned then, but the government made the inane decision to keep this clandestine. The flagrant decision stayed secret until the board of ethics went public. The board admonished the heads that kept it a secret but there would be no real punishment.

It was not long until Dr. Hod identified that JDY-136 not only made people more aggressive; it made them stronger. It was to blame in many of the murders and assaults in the world.

There is still hope. Researchers at Penn State say there may be a vaccine within the next few months. Unfortunately for those infected, the physical damage may be permanent, and if there was anything emotionally damaging that is permanent as well.
Dedicated to all of the victims of JDY-136

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