55 fiction

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous


One day, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart left there two kids at home. They went out to dinner. Their two kids acted like they were going to be perfect little angels. Until… all of a sudden, they were playing hot potato with Moms favorite vase.


There were a group of kids playing in a room. They walked through an armoire that led to a port hole to a land of Narnia where they found mythical creatures. They played in the woods and flew on unicorns. Also in Narnia there were witches and demands, and animals that could talk.

Surfs up!

One perfect sunny day. there was no wind. water was nice and smooth. Dave Dinkleberry wanted to go surfing. he was surfing like a champ when a huge wave came up. Dave found himself on the beach the next morning next to a beautiful girl serving him breakfast. They lived happily ever after.

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