The Gopher Story

January 12, 2009
The sun was high and beating the ground as if it was a cake in an oven. While a small jet distinct braes floated across the ground. As the wind broke around me while I searched for any danger, holding a possible threat to our well being. While standing tall, in a half daydream, I see dust drifting above some hills. I didn’t pay much attention to it, I was thinking of launch.

When suddenly this large black beast came skipping cross the mound toward me. It also had a roar, that would easily scare a lesser being.
Trying not to show any fear in my voice, I say to my digging partner, Billy “ Hay! There’s some thing out there, and I don’t know what it is.”
While the deep roar of the black best suddenly quit, Billy slowly climbed out of the hole only in complete curiosity. Billy pokes his head up in the air to search for this so called danger. Bang! Billy launched in to the ski like Sputnik, while doing three and a half a flip before he suddenly became one with the ground.
While watching blood and dinner hit the ground from my hole I thought to my self: Poor Billy, wait Billy is dead. Now I have to dig this tunnel by my self. He just had to go out there and get himself killed, well mine as well watch the rest of dinner get blown away.
While I slowly got closer to the light, gun fire became more distinct like the fireworks on the Forth of July. As I peer over the small mound to check fore danger, I saw Timmy standing on his mound. Timmy ru… Bang! Timmy turned into a cloud of cheep confetti. Holy (censured) that was awesome! I thought to my self while ducking. That has got to be one of those out of body moments.
When Bang! Bang!, a chain of short bursts came lunging after me like a painful nightmare. I duck, while the bushes behind me swallowed them like a starved dog.
What Would James Bond Do? As I think to my self trying to calm down. This has got to be like the Mexican boarder, as I stood straight up, looked straight at the Big Black Beast and flipped them off.
Next I was suddenly tossed into the sky watching the sky spin around me as if I were in a blender. Bouncing across the hard rocky ground like a stone across water.

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