living on the edge

January 12, 2009
By Brady Valdez, Park City, UT

Living on the edge. Wow! To me living on the edge is a privilege. It takes bravery, it takes commitment, it takes courage, and it takes strength. To earn this privilege you have to have these qualities.

I live on the edge. I’ve jumped off mountainous rocks into the ice-cold waters of Lake Powell, I’ve free climbed cliffs thirty feet high, I’ve climbed on balancing rocks, I’ve received injuries and kept on going. I’ve had close encounters with animals and remained calm I’ve jumped off decks into snow.

But one event, this one single event topped them all.
The TOP SECRET MISSION OF LAKE POWELL “where are we going Chris?” I asked,

“It’s top secret”

My cousin Kelsey and I looked at each other in surprise. About five minutes later we pulled into a cove, a huge cove with three rock islands. Chris cuts the engine.

“All right Jenny, Kelsey, Brady; get on your life jackets,”

Once we all had our life jackets on, he briefed us on the mission. “I’m going to train you guys to be Navy Seals. Our first task is jumping. You guys are going to jump off the back of the boat while it’s going I’ll start out slow and each time go faster”

“No that sounds scary,” said my cousin.

“Oh it’s not that scary,” Jenny reassured.

“That’s sounds fun,” I exclaimed.

Chris starts speeding up “one, two, three go, go, and go!
As I hit the water I close my eyes. When I open my eyes its a world of water. As my body breaches the surface the water gets brighter; when I come to the surface its blinding and wavy. I look to my left and right and see my cousins and tell them “that was so cool! Lets do it again!”

“That wasn’t that scary,” said Kelsey

“See I told you” Jenny said

We did this drill, about three or four more times and headed back to the houseboat. And that’s all you’re allowed to know of the Top-secret mission of Lake Powell.

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