Ashley J.'s Theory

January 12, 2009
By Ashley Jimenez, Spring, TX

What if I told all the religions, all the believers of their “higher being” that there is no God? No Satin their still is good and evil. There just isn’t a specific ruler of both. I ask you just to hear me out. Put aside all opinions and beliefs and get ready to expand your mind.
Let me start with Darwin’s theory of evolution. Which is God started the Big Bang, and then came earth, plants animals and people. But science comes in the picture which says we humans evolved from apes.
I personally question both of those theories. How can we evolve from apes? Don’t animals have their own cycle of birth and death? There wasn’t ever an ape that grew into a man! And all that talk about God made life, how can a human like man make replicas of himself? There had to be other “humans” for God to come to be.

First there were Dinosaurs that destroyed mother Earth. Back then Earth was truly ‘one’ known as Pangaea the one big continent. The ‘unknowns’ who I guess you can say Aliens. Not necessarily little green men but the superiors from outer space. Created the Dinosaurs that only strolled to the food chain song, slowly devoured the Earth.
The Aliens had to start over, throwing a comet to Pangaea separating its lands.
The Aliens wanted peace but mostly species that would be able to learn from them. This brought forth the Caveman era. Warm bloods in cold climates as opposite to the large reptiles that were cold bloods in warm climates. This period accomplished the mating of Humans and their survival skills. The Aliens would take notes on their experiments; with such short life span these times quickly froze.

Then came the Egyptians this time the Aliens understood they needed to be with the Humans. To directly teach them every step of the way. So the Aliens choose (amongst themselves) a leader who would act as a teacher to the Humans. The leader had to conform his or her self to take on an appearance of a Human.
I can give you evidence just to make what I am saying more clear.
If you look at some of the Egyptian pharaoh hieroglyphics. They appeared to resemble Humans but were always drawn. With long wide hats upon their heads. As if they had something to hid. They had extremely long fingers, freakishly taller than the others. Eyes that were overly huge and slanted. Not horizontally slanted but almost vertically reaching their forehead, with no pupils.
Any how the Pharos leads the lost Humans teaching them new weapons and how to speak.
Society has planted an image in our head that the Pharos wiped their Egyptian people into back breaking labor and forced them to build pyramids. Pyramids that are unexplainable well structured for their time. How did they build these perfect temples? They didn’t the aliens did! (As a landing sign of some short.)
To the Aliens dismay the Humans began to quickly worship their teachers. By this point the Alien knew the Humans are attracted to power and knowledge. And would be mentally unstable without a ruler or idol. So brought forth appearances of half animal half Human. To throw/scare the Humans into not worshiping the strange and different. This worked on some of the Humans but some took the creators into deeper worship. On account of the Humans overwhelming dependence on the Aliens. The Aliens took a break on the Humans and stopped showing up on Earth. Only being able to appear in the sky the Aliens were seen coming and going all the time. The Humans began to notice how they had once landed near the pyramids (which points towards the sky). So Humans all over the world started building their own structures towards the stares. Showing they welcome any powerful leader with open arms.
The Aliens felt a great deal of concern and sympathy for them. So to help the Humans feel like life was meaning less and to not worship one thing. The Aliens came up with religions with different Gods. And just so the Humans would not be able to talk about the Aliens existence, they made up different languages. The Aliens still check up on us every now and then.

The great Nostradamus who made many correct predictions beyond his time. Stated that during last months of “the end” of the world. People will start freaking out. That’s when we finally discover truth. Now you tell me why would people freak out? Is it because they discovered who’ve they’ve been worshiping for years. Has just been a great distraction from the scary truth? Faith is a BIG DEAL for many people all over the world. So I can see how the world will become instantly insane.
Though my theory does answer a lot of unknown questions. The fact is no one will know until someone or something decides to reveal itself to the world.
I myself am not saying I and not a believer of disbeliever of my theory. Nor am I trying to get you to believe my theory. I’m just simply saying “What if?”

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