January 12, 2009
By chelsea young, Oakville, ZZ

I begged him not to leave me alone, but he pleaded and told me he had to run and get help quickly.
Everything was so cold and black, I couldn't be sure of anything I saw. The night chilled my bones and sent shivers up and down my spine. The blood seeping from my side and that ran down my body, was the only thing that warmed me. The shards of glass seemed to of dug deeper into me; they pierced my flesh and sent me into total agony. I couldn't hold back the tears in my eyes and the broken record in my head; the still frame depicted the nightmare I never thought possible. I tilted my head back and saw Jacob's car lying a few feet away; the bumper smashed, the windshield busted and the dented body. The screeching tires and painful screams of terror echoed in my ears and the image of me flying through the glass played repeatedly.

I remember my life flashing before my eyes at that very moment. It was an emblem of love, happiness...a carefree and simple adolescence. Could this be it? This frigid and damp deathbed, numbing my body to the point of no return? This couldn't be it, it can't be, I don't want to leave him, not here, not now. Suddenly my eyes felt heavy and I was too weak, I had to face this and accept it as my fate -- slowly but surely I was slipping away.

At that moment, I heard a faint yet audible sound. As it grew louder and louder, I could hear the sharp tone...I could hear the sirens ringing. Then from above me, a silhoutte stood, outlined by a row of flashing florescent lights.
"Don't you dare go now, I'm not going to lose you," his voice called.

Oh thank God he came back, I thought no one was coming back

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