Santa's Elves

January 12, 2009
By Nick Corlett, Pewaukee, WI

Date: 10/09/2008
To: Santa’s Elves
From: Nick C.
Subject: Relax!

Last Christmas, toy quality was lacking. The toys falling apart may have to do with you rushing. Don’t worry about who wins “Elf of the Month.” Santa also takes into consideration the elf’s attitude. You can’t have a winning attitude if you work so hard! Besides, the winner only gets a candy cane!
You need to slow down, and take a respite every hour or so. Toy making can be an excruciating job; especially when you hit your thumb with the hammer!
Focus more on quality, not quantity. The quality of the toys can make or break a kid’s Christmas. Remember, it’s better to have only 10 happy kids, rather than 1,000 unhappy kids.
Don’t let the other elves try to thwart you. If they want to make 100 toys in an hour, let them. You just need to worry about yourself, and do the best you can! You’re fretful when the other elves are telling you to speed up, but just think of all the happy kids!
Although reindeer aren’t ubiquitous in the North Pole, you could also try reindeer hunting after work. It’s great for relaxing and hanging out with friends. Just remember not to shoot a reindeer with a red nose that looks like a malignant tumor! That’s Rudolph!
When you hear “ho, ho, ho” reverberating through the room, it’s usually a harbinger of Santa’s arrival. But don’t panic. Santa loves all of you, regardless of how many toys you make.
I hear that there’s a drug called “Snow” that the elves are using to relieve stress. But don’t succumb to the peer pressure if you’re offered some. Simply say “no,” and instead enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.
In the remote North Pole, you can make a track to hold sleigh races on! Get a group of friends, and hold weekly races to see who can win! Maybe even have a prize for the winner as an incentive.
Every year, thousands of kids write letters to Santa telling him what they want for Christmas. Take some time to relax and read some of the kids’ ideas. Reading is a great way of relieve stress.

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