Two Annoying Fly's

January 13, 2009
By Justin Lance, Hartland, WI

They are the only two that bug me. I am the only one who swats them. Two annoying flies with annoying ways that buzz, buzz at me. Two who are not wanted here but are here. Two little pests coming from the country. From a window they just flew in, and I just smack and hit them out again.

Their buzzing is loud. They send headache pains throughout my head. They fly up and they fly down and lay eggs all over the place so when they are gone more annoying flies will be sure to come. This is how they work.

Let one ignore the flies around him, and use all their strength to move on with their lives, and yet they fail. Stay, stay, stay, far away when I rest. They don’t.

When I am so angry and extremely furious do nothing, when I am a huge force against so few flies, then it is I who annoy them. When there is nothing left to do but attack the flies. Two who fall to concrete. One who swats and does not forget to swat. One whose only reason is to swat the flies.

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