January 12, 2009
By Ashley Loroff, Hartland, WI

At Arrowhead bullies are in every hallway. One in particular is me. One afternoon I went rampant through the hallways yelling at people that walked by. No one could restrain me. My parents got involved and after talking to the principal he learned my parents were the same way. My parents did not have set ethics so I didn’t have ethics. The principal wanted to keep my behavior clandestine to everyone, but it was flagrant to everyone I was a bully.

The next morning when I showed up at school I looked around to see posters on the walls. I tore one off and learned they were to admonish the school I was dangerous and watch out for me. This incident made me angry. I decided to leave school and drive to Milwaukee to meet up with my gang. When I told them what happened they thought it was inane and I should get over it.

I didn’t get over it. I went down to the club that night to meet with some old friends. My gang showed up. They started talking about me and that’s when I threw the first punch. The gang and I got in a huge fight and someone called the cops. I didn’t want to get caught so I ran down the alley. Two cop cars pinned me against the wall. They told me I was the culprit and would be put in jail.

At the court hearing my lawyer could not persuade the inexorable judge to change the decision. The judge was in concurrence with the jury and I was guilty of the crime and was sentenced five years in jail. I called my parents that night to tell them I was in duress for committing the crime.

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